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Yu-Gi-Oh!: The 10 Best Spellcaster Decks

Yu-Gi-Oh!: The 10 Best Spellcaster Decks

Deckbuilding remains a challenge for new and old players alike. Here are the best spellcaster decks in Yu-Gi-Oh!

The Spellcaster Monster Type is one of the most popular ones in Yu-Gi-Oh!, thanks to both its power and the popularity of Dark Magician giving it all kinds of support over the years. Spellcasters are one of the more versatile Monster Types, being able to both act as combo decks and control decks.

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There have been plenty of different Spellcaster decks over the years of Yu-Gi-Oh!, with some of them being so good they had to be banned. The support cards released for the Type have given Spellcaster decks all kinds of boosts, making Spellcasters one of the best Monster Types in Yu-Gi-Oh!

10. Mythical Beasts

yugioh mythical beast Master Cerberus and jackal king

Mythical Beasts have nothing to do with Gazelle The King Of Mystical Beasts despite their shared named and are instead a Pendulum deck with some of the best effects for the card type. Mythical Beast has both powerful Monster effects that can negate the opponent's cards and Pendulum effects that can search out other Monsters.

Mythical Beasts are built around Spell Counters, which is what gives them the ability to use their effects. With Pendulums acting as Spell cards, Mythical Beasts can get a ton of counters on them with no issue.

9. Fortune Lady

yugioh fortune lady calling and every

Fortune Lady was a powerful deck in Duel Links, and with the TCG is still a perfectly suitable Synchro-heavy deck. Fortune Ladies have an easy time with Level manipulation, allowing them to go into just about any Synchro Monster that fits with the gamestate. Fortune Ladies can easily flood the field, with effects that bring out more that are easy to trigger.

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Fortune Ladies are capable of drawing a lot of cards in addition to getting out Synchro Monsters, allowing it for consistency that other decks can only dream of.

8. Exodia

yugioh exodia and royal magical library artworks

Exodia is one of, if not the most iconic Monster in Yu-Gi-Oh!, rivaled only by Dark Magician and Blue-Eyes White Dragon. When you have all five pieces in your hand, you will automatically win the game. As such, Exodia decks focus heavily on drawing your entire deck to fulfill this win condition.

Cards like Royal Magical Library help to draw even more cards thanks to its lack of once per turn effect. As the years progressed, more powerful draw spells have been added into the game that boosts up Exodia decks to make them more consistent.

7. Witchcrafter

yugioh witchcrafter haine and Madame Verre

Witchcrafter is one of the best Rouge decks in Yu-Gi-Oh!, being able to catch unsuspecting players off guard and running away with games thanks to their powerful effects. Their Boss Monster, Madame Verre can negate the opponent's entire field at the cost of just discarding one Spell card.

All of the Witchcrafters have Quick Effects that can interrupt the opponent or help advance your gamestate. Witchcrafter cards have simple effects, but these effects can be game-winning and is how the deck manages to hold its own in the current metagame.

6. Gravekeeper

yugioh gravekeeper spirtualist and necrovalley

Gravekeepers are a powerful stun deck that was a dominant force in the early days of Yu-Gi-Oh! In the modern game, their Field Spell Necrovalley is so good it can completely shut off entire decks. Gravekeepers can easily destroy problem cards on the field and have a lot of built-in protection with their Fusion Monster Gravekeeper's Supernaturalist.

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Gravekeeper decks are focused on getting Necrovalley on the field and then stunning your opponent so that they can not play their cards. Gravekeepers have gotten a lot of support over the year, especially since they can easily play around Floodgates so that only the opponent is hurt by them.

5. Spellbooks

yugioh spellbook Magician of Prophecy and Crowley artworks

Spellbooks were at a point one of the only decks capable of standing up to Dragon Rulers, and the only reason that deck didn't become Tier Zero. Spellbooks in the modern game are one of the best draw engines in the game and a perfectly serviceable deck thanks to its powerful Spell cards.

With how much deck thinning and drawing Spellbooks can do, it makes it incredibly easy to get to the cards you need. Spellbooks have great Quick Play Spell cards that can interrupt the opponent, most notably, Spellbook of Fate.

4. Dark Magician

yugioh dark magician and magicians soul

Dark Magician is one of the most iconic Monsters in all of Yu-Gi-Oh!, thanks to its status as the Ace Monster of the main protagonist of the original anime. Due to its incredible popularity, Dark Magician has been gifted plenty of support over the years, enough to make it a solid contender in the metagame.

Dark Magician is very consistent with all of its Special Summoning and searching it can do, allowing the deck to make threatening boards. Dark Magician can function as both a hyper offense and control deck, allowing it to support multiple playstyles.

3. Altergeist

yugioh altergeist multifaker and Meluseek artworks

Altergeists are one of, if not the best Trap focused Archetype. There aren't too many Monsters the deck plays, and it's mostly focused on playing powerful Trap cards to interrupt the opponent's turns while slowly dwindling down their Life Points with Altergeist Monsters.


Altergeists have a lot of consistency as well, as their Monsters have a ton of great effects that trigger when either sent to the Graveyard or being summoned. Altergeist Multifaker is what makes the deck work, and acts as one of the best Boss Monsters in the game. Thanks to how much space there is in the deck, Altergeist can alter their backrow choices to better suit the meta.

2. Pendulum Magicians

yugioh double iris magician and timestar magician

Pendulum Magicians would become the premiere Pendulum deck after PePe would be emergency banned, and become one of the best Pendulum decks in the entire game. Pendulum Magicians are incredibly consistent, being able to load up the Extra Deck with Pendulum Monsters to bring back with a Pendulum Summon.

While on the field, Pendulum Magicians were able to set up powerful negates to completely shut down the opponent. Pendulum Magicians have a ton of support cards as well, both from themselves and generic Pendulum support. While they are somewhat hindered due to the new Pendulum rules put in with Master Rule Four, Pendulum Magicians are still fantastic.

1. Dogmatika

yugioh dogmatika judgement and Ecclesia artworks

Dogmatika is one of the newest Archetypes in Yu-Gi-Oh! and instantly became a meta staple.

Dogmatika cards are built around counteracting cards from the Extra Deck, all while swarming the field with their Special Summon effects. Dogmatika Spell and Trap cards are fantastic as well, both capable of interrupting the opponent and getting cards to your hand.

Dogmatika is incredibly consistent and can play other Archetypes along with it, as it acts as a solid engine as well. Dogmatika isn't just one of the best Spellcaster decks, it's one of the best decks in Yu-Gi-Oh!


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