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ORICAS (Original Cards)

Whether it comes to wanting special tokens, custom card art & designs, OCG cards in English, or creating your own archetype, we got you covered! > ORDER FORM HERE! (1 card at a time)

Otherwise, you can purchase our pre-made ORICAs below.

Also, please be aware that ORICAs take time to make, so there will be at least a 4-9 day delay before shipping them. 

For those ordering multiples, apply the following discount codes upon checkout:

4ORICAS : Buy 4, get 1 50% off

7ORICAS : Buy 7, get 1 free

For all questions about Oricas, please contact:


  • ORICA - Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon 00
    ORICA - Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon 00
    from $12.49

    ORICA - Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon 00

    To see even more ORICA designs not shown on the website, check out our Instagram at transcendcards! :) In case it wasn't obvious, our logo will not...

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    from $12.49