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ORICA - 5 20th Anniversary Card Bundle


To see even more ORICA designs not shown on the website, check out our Instagram at transcendcards! :)

Note: This bundle includes 5 ORICA versions of Red-Eyes Alternative Black Dragon, Blue-Eyes Alternative Ultimate Dragon, Exodia, Master of the Guard, Palladium Oracle Mana, and Magician of Black Chaos MAX at a discounted bundle rate.

In case it wasn't obvious, our logo will not appear on the real card.

The cover photo of these ORICAs will always be the most updated version of the ORICA, should there be any discrepancy between the photo and pics of ones made in the past.

If you order one of these ORICAs, please note that mail/delivery will often be delayed by 1-3 days in order to make it.

Also, although we aim to create "NM" ORICAS, so far the process seems to yield some minor showing of wear on the backside sometimes, thus the back may be LP.

Super Rare: The whole card is foiled.

Secret Rare: The whole card is foiled, meaning that the stripes are visible on the whole card and thus beyond the ordinary square box of official cards, including through the text box.