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5 Reasons Why The Yu-Gi-Oh! Wave Of Light Structure Deck Is Great

5 Reasons Why The Yu-Gi-Oh! Wave Of Light Structure Deck Is Great

The Wave of Light structure deck for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG looks to bring back Counter Fairies in a big way with a ton of counter traps, a new big boss and some awesome exclusive cards supporting the theme.

Duelists looking to pick up the Wave of Light structure deck can do so now at any hobby store. If you’re not convinced yet, we’ve compiled five reasons why it’s a good investment.


Counter Fairies were a powerful archetype in the early years of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. If you used to run this archetype, you’ll definitely want to pick it up for the added support (we’ll get to that later) and some of the Light/Fairy/Counter Trap support that never made it over from Japan.


Structure decks in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG are normally followed by a set of cards that have some support for it. Wave of Light is no different. The upcoming set, Flames of Destruction, will have some support for Light/Fairy decks.

A new Light-Attribute Elemental Lord will arrive to the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, with a powerful effect resembling Raigeki. Having five Light-Attribute monsters in the graveyard will allow a duelist to summon this powerful monster, which is easy if you use the Wave of Light structure deck.


Every structure deck comes with exclusive ultra rare cards that can only be found in that package, and Wave of Light is no exception. There are five ultra rare cards (three monsters, 1 trap, 1 spell) in the Wave of Light structure deck and they are all very powerful.

Eva is a Fairy-type monster that can search for two Light Fairy monsters from your deck with different names to your hand. In exchange, a duelist simply has to banish two Light Fairy monsters from the graveyard or field. This is a great card from Counter Fairy decks and just Fairy decks in general.

Power Angel Valkyria is an 1800 attack Fairy monster that can add a Light Fairy monster from the deck to the hand whenever an effect is negated. This is another great search monster for various decks.

Rebirth of Parshath, the lone trap ultra rare, is probably the most powerful card in the set. When an effect is negated, you can reveal a counter trap card and pay 1000 LP to special summon one “Parshath” monster from your deck OR extra deck. The extra deck part is very key, as there is a Synchro monster Parshath card that can be summoned via this card.


What’s a Counter Fairy deck without counter traps? Wave of Light brings a bunch of awesome traps that can work with any deck.

Recall, Drastic Drop Off, Ultimate Providence, Solemn Warning and Dark Bribe are included in this deck, with some of the most versatile and powerful effects in the TCG. If you need some more traps for your deck, picking this structure deck up can easily get you the cards needed.


Ties of the Brethren is an amazing spell card. It allows a duelist to pay 2000 LP to target a Level 4 or lower monster they control to special summon two monsters from your deck with the same Type, Attribute and Level. You can’t special summon or attack the turn you use this card. Still, it’s a fantastic first-turn move or a solid option if you’re looking to fill your field with monsters for a tribute.

What makes this card desirable in Wave of Light is that it can only be found in the Legendary Duelist II set as an ultra rare. In the structure deck, it’s a common, so you can easily find three of these bad boys for the deck of your choice.

Have you picked up the Wave of Light structure deck yet? They are available on our online store! What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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