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Shipping Policy

1. What are my shipping options?

For singles, booster packs, and even sleeves, our cheapest and most popular option is to just send them by Envelopes. Price-wise, you can't beat that.

However, we also offer actual boxes and bubble mailers for anyone who desires tracking with their shipment (often for more expensive orders), but of course, this option is considerably more expensive.

2. When will I receive my order?

  • If you're in Canada, according to our shippers (Canada Post), it'd be 2-5 BUSINESS days later, depending exactly where, but our experience tells us it's more like 1 week if you are in Ontario and 2-3 weeks outside of our province. Obviously, the closer you are, the faster you'll get your cards.
  • If you're in the USA, who knows. According to our shippers (Canada Post), it'd be 4-6 BUSINESS days, but our experience tells us it's more like 2-3 weeks.
  • As for international orders, no guarantees dude. It says 4-7 BUSINESS days, but I personally think that's a tad optimistic. From our experience, it's more like 3-5 weeks.

3. What is the shipping fee?

All Shipping fees are calculated at checkout

Free shipping conditions:

  • US: for orders over CA$ 200
  • Canada:
    • Tier 1: for orders over CA$ 175 (Quebec & Ontario)
    • Tier 2: for orders over CA$ 250 (Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba)
    • Tier 3: for orders over CA$ 350 (Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Prince Edward IslandIsland, Saskatchewan, Yukon)

4. How can I track my order?

We use Canada Post to ship almost all orders. You will receive a notification email about your tracking code and can track your order here at Canada Post

As for the "Envelopes" shipping method option, there will be no tracking code provided. It is the cheapest option for a reason, but 99% of the time there are no issues with this method.

Additionally, Canada Post International Surface and Canada Post International Air also doesn't offer tracking. More details please check Canada Post website.

We strongly suggest you select one of the more expensive shipping options that include tracking if your order is considerably expensive.

5. I never got my order!

In the case where you chose Envelopes as your shipping option, we do not offer any compensation for any lost orders. This is given due to the nature of our product and how some jerks try to game sellers. We know this may be an unpopular policy decision, and it sucks for all legitimate buyers, but this is the stance we have decided to take on this issue (not to mention that sometimes Canada Post itself may simply be incompetent with non-traceable mail).

However, if you did choose a shipping method that does include tracking, got a notification that your order should've arrived already but do not have it, then this is clearly an issue with the shipping courier. We then suggest you call them with your tracking number in hand to resolve this issue, as understandably, once the package is out of our hands, we cannot do anything about it.

6. How we pack your singles

I'm kind of a clean & neat freak when it comes to cards. Almost all the time when dealing with taking cards out of sleeves, and especially new product coming in nowadays, I wear those blue gloves. You know, the ones anyone working in any sort of labor that can't touch the product in fear of getting them dirty? Yeah, well, I wear the same one when dealing with cards. You can see it for example, when I handle new cards on the Transcend Cards Youtube channel. I open the packs, then sleeve them right after, with the cards never having touched human hands.

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