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Pre-Order Policy

Transcend Cards Pre-Order Policy

Are you looking for a place to get the hottest new Yu-gi-oh releases and singles? Look no further. At Transcend Cards, we frequently update our inventory for new Yu-gi-oh releases. With our Pre-Order you can make a reservation of your favorite soon-to-be-released Yu-gi-oh Card Set and Singles, and if we unbox in our shipment, they’re all yours!

Pre-Orders for booster boxes and singles of new releases will be updated on Transcend Cards at least 1 month before its release date. For incoming releases of Booster Boxes we will set them with Pre-Order sale price so you can have a cheaper purchase if you make a reservation for them before they are released. We update for market prices during the pre-order month, so reserve early to get the best price.


How does Pre-Order work?

A pre-order is an order placed for an item that has not yet been released. Pre-orders allow you to guarantee immediate shipment/Pick-up on release date if we discover the card in our purchase order.

  1. Official Products (booster box, structure deck, mega-tin...): you have to complete your payment to reserve your pre-order item(s). When the product is released on Konami’s official release date, we will ship it to you right away according to the shipping method you chose at checkout. For local customers, please contact us to schedule the pickup, you can pick-up at our location on the same release date (usually on Friday)
  2. Single Card: When a new Yu-gi-oh set is about to be released, we will have all singles of that set listed on our store before the release date so you can make a reservation (Pre-Order) for your favorite cards. Please allow us at least 1 day after release date to open boxes and sort the cards to fulfill your orders.  

** Customer Tips:

  • We cannot guarantee that we have all the listed cards. We can only guarantee our inventory levels after we receive our shipment from Konami and if we unbox your card on the release date. If we can unboxed your pre-order card, we will ship them to you. But in the case that we don't have the card(s) that you have made a reservation for, we will send you a notice and make a refund for the card(s) that you have pre-ordered. 
  • First Come, First Served: Pre-order Booster Boxes and high demand singles have limited quantities. We will fulfill orders on a first come, first served promotional opportunity for our customers. So it's a good idea to place a pre-order as soon as possible for your favorite new release items. Remember the early bird catches the hottest and most affordable Yu-gi-oh Prices!
  • Do not combine shipping: In order to prevent a delayed shipment of your products, please purchase all pre-order products in a separate checkout from your other shopping since we can only ship the pre-orders as they become available, and can only cover the shipping cost once per order.
  • Do not use reward points for pre-orders: We recommend our loyal customers do not use their reward points to place pre-orders. This is recommended to protect your points in the case that we cancel or partially refund your pre-orders because we were unable to unbox the cards you reserved. If you lose any points because of this, please contact customer support and we will help

Please subscribe your email to our store or turn on the Push notification so we can inform you when a new release is out. Check out our Pre-order collection!
- Transcend Cards Team