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We're just a small local online-only business in Ottawa selling Yu-gi-oh cards: affordable singles, sealed products, Oricas, card supplies, etc. My partner and I combined our knowledge on business and Yu-gi-oh to make this happen, so here we are.

Our goal is, of course, to give cards at great prices and give great customer service, as would any business. Need a card that we got while you're across the country? Need convenience of getting product from your home? No problem. Our whole business is about mailing and shipping cards/product to everyone anywhere, simply and easily. Anyone who wants to play Yu-gi-oh should be able to have access to cards and not be limited by whatever hobby shop they have in their local neighborhood. Or, local customers can pick up from our location, which works too.

However, we're also going to attempt to go beyond the traditional business model. How? By pursuing avenues of connecting with you guys more than ever before. Our website is dedicated solely to Yu-gi-oh, we're building up our Facebook page and our Instagram. Hopefully, I didn't just jinx us by mentioning all of this, haha.

So check us out on the website, we don't bite or throw your cards in the ocean. ;)  Ask us anything, we got time. I'll try to answer everything as quickly as possible.

Contact us via

  • Direct messages at Facebook
  • Contact us:
  • Text us at: 613-981-1809
  • We are an online only store. The address on Google listing is our pick-up location (please schedule before coming) and mailing address.
  • See what our customers said about us: Reviews
  • We welcome partnerships to build a better online platform and community for all Yu-gi-oh! players. For any inquiries on partnerships, please email us at:, and we'll respond to your inquiry as soon as we can.
  • Although we are a small and a new store, we want to do our part in supporting the Yu-gi-oh! community and get more acquainted with the players in the community. We would like to express our interest in sponsoring local Yu-gi-oh! events or tournaments in Canada, or perhaps even internationally. Apply for Transcend Cards Sponsorship Program! Check out us sponsoring the small tourney at Carleton University here!
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  • Our EDC (Enhanced Digital Certification):  SupplierGATEWAY