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Yu-Gi-Oh!: 5 Monsters That Could Take Down Captain Marvel (& 5 She Could Take Down)

Yu-Gi-Oh!: 5 Monsters That Could Take Down Captain Marvel (& 5 She Could Take Down)

As of right now, Captain Marvel is the one of, if not the, strongest Avenger in the MCU. However, how would she fare against Yu-Gi-Oh! monsters?

As of right now, Captain Marvel is the one of, if not the, strongest Avenger in the MCU, being powerful enough to impress the likes of Thor and force Thanos to put a little more backbone into his punches. As powerful as she is, there is always going to be someone better than her, especially if that someone is an otherworldly being summoned by Egyptian magic.


Monsters from the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe are some of the more powerful in anime, with their effects able to be felt through holograms that otherwise shouldn't be able to interact with the real world, which means even creatures from a children's card game could give Carol Danvers a run for her money.

10. Could Defeat: Dark Magician

Yugioh Dark Magician

Yugi may be the King of Games, but his deck leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to his signature monsters. Aside from the fact he has a significantly better monster in his deck with the same ATK points in Summoned Skull, Dark Magician's bag of tricks just wouldn't cut it when it came to someone as powerful as Captain Marvel. Sure, he has the power of magic on his side, which is something Carol Danvers has struggled against in the past, but Dark Magician is no Doctor Strange and would probably lose a one-on-one with suit-less Iron Man.

9. Take Her Down: Exodia, The Forbidden One

Yugioh Exodia, The Forbidden One

Yugi's deck once had a win condition so powerful in Exodia, the writers had to remove it almost immediately after he used it to stop him from becoming more overpowered than he actually was. This is a monster so powerful that its mere existence in the player's hand causes them to win the battle, it doesn't even need to reach the field it's so ridiculous. Needless to say, this kind of power was quickly stamped down in the real-life TCG as well, where all five pieces of Exodia have sat on the Limited list since their release.

8. Could Defeat: Blue-Eyes White Dragon

The once unstoppable Blue-Eyes may have been the king of power in its prime, but these days it falls quite short of its promise as the strongest monster in Yu-Gi-Oh!. While it does have many alternate forms, Fusions, and Synchro Monsters to help support it, the only thing that the original white dragon has going for it is its 3000 ATK stat.


With no effect to back up the power it holds, it's the equivalent of Captain Marvel fighting Hulk if he didn't have a brain to back up the muscle power.

7. Take Her Down: Trishula, Dragon Of The Ice Barrier

Yugioh Trishula Dragon of the Ice Barrier

In the peak of Yu-Gi-Oh's! Synchro era, this Dragon was feared above all other monsters summoned due to its insane effect, which has resulted in it being moved around the Forbidden and Limited list of both the TCG and OCG since its release. When summoned, it can banish up to three cards from your opponent, one each from their hand, field, and graveyard. Trishula wouldn't even have to throw a punch to win this fight, it could just show up and Captain Marvel would be sent off to the Shadow Realm.

6. Could Defeat: Kuriboh

Yugioh Kuriboh

One of the weirder signature cards of Yugi's was Kuriboh, the fluffy Fiend that he seemed adamant in making better than it actually was. In a team battle, Kuriboh might come in handy, as you take no damage to your Life Points on the turn it is destroyed, but that's a saving grace that doesn't last nearly long enough these days. While it may have won Yugi more battles than it otherwise should have, including against both Kaiba's Blue-Eyes and Pegasus in his final duel, it's probably not being anything other than annoying in a battle versus Captain Marvel.

5. Take Her Down: Rainbow Kuriboh

yugioh rainbow kuriboh

On the other hand, Kuriboh's weird younger brother would give her some strife in a fight. When a monster declares an attack, Rainbow Kuriboh can latch on to that monster and prevent it from attacking altogether, effectively de-powering the overpowered Danvers. It doesn't even have to be on the field for this effect to take hold, letting it hide in the shadows until the right moment and making Captain Marvel as threatening as a regular fighter pilot, but without the plane.

4. Could Defeat: Stardust Dragon

Yugioh Stardust Dragon

As the Yu-Gi-Oh! series has progressed and new protagonists have been introduced, their signature monster cards have grown in power as the years went on. After Jaden's weird choice of not really having a signature monster, Yusei decided to go all out with Stardust Dragon, whose effect is useful but would ultimately result in a stalemate.


If an effect is activated that would destroy a card, Stardust Dragon can sacrifice itself to negate the effects and destroy its source, before reviving itself on the next turn. While this might seem like a sure-fire win, it's stats aren't any better than Dark Magician, so it would be relatively easy for Captain Marvel to just punch it to death.

3. Take Her Down: Stardust Spark Dragon

Yugioh stardust spark dragon 1

Yusei's other signature card, Stardust Spark Dragon, takes the original's power and cranks it up to eleven. Once, during either players turn, it can make one card on the field indestructible until the end of the turn, effectively making itself immortal long enough to beat down on Captain Marvel and take the win. While its stats are identical to its little brother, its immortality gives it the edge in battle that could give it the win.

2. Could Defeat: Firewall Dragon

Yugioh Firewall Dragon

Firewall Dragon may have been one of the most powerful cards to date, getting banned in competitive play almost as soon as it was released, but this signature monster of the VRAINS protagonist doesn't translate as well to other universes. While it has a downright annoying ability to return cards to player's hands, it can only do that once and its main strength comes from its power to bring more fighters to the table, which isn't going to happen in a one-on-one battle.

1. Take Her Down: Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare

yubel the ultimate nightmare

Yu-Gi-Oh GX tried its best to follow in the dark footsteps of its predecessor, even though it was sent in a much lighter backdrop of a school where children learn to play card games, and its best result was with the monster spirit Yubel. Connected to Jaden through his past life, this monster starts out simply as Yubel and grows more menacing the more you try to get rid of it, culminating in its strongest form, The Ultimate Nightmare. It can't be killed, you take no damage from battles involving it, and it destroys whatever tried to kill it first, essentially making it the monster version of Captain America's shield.

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