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Gabriel Vargas Wins the 2018 North American WCQ with Gouki.

Gabriel Vargas Wins the 2018 North American WCQ with Gouki.

Gabriel Vargas Wins the 2018 North American WCQ by defeating Walter Jule.

The top 4 players from this WCQ have all qualified for the 2018 World Championship. Note: Some information may be slightly inaccurate as some information on stream was different from the information on Konami's blogs.


Deck Top 2 Top 4 Top 8 Top 16 Top 32 Top 64
Gouki 1 1 2 4 9 13
Pendulum Magician 1 1 1 1 1 2
Trickstar Sky Striker 1 2 5 8 18
Mekk-Knight Trickstar Sky Striker 1 1 2 3 8
Gouki Sky Striker 2 4 5 11
Mekk-Knight Invoked 1 1
Mekk-Knight Trickstar 1 1
Paleozoic 1 1
Sky Striker 1 2
Spyral Sky Striker 1 2
Spyral 1 1
Altergeist 2
Dinosaur 1
World Chalice 1


North America WCQ Top 64 Duelists and Decks!

Take a look at the Top 64 Duelists and Decks at the 2018 North America WCQ at the end of the Swiss Rounds!

 1st: Jake Kuenzi (Trickstar Sky Striker)
2nd: Chandler Morrow (Gouki)
3rd: Ruben Penaranda (Gouki Sky Striker)
4th: Kody Manabe (Gouki)
5th: Maximillian John Edwards Reynolds (Trickstar Sky Striker)
6th: Clifton Scott Land II (SPYRAL)
7th: Harvey Stone Norris (Trickstar Sky Striker)
8th: Duy Cong Nguyen (Trickstar Sky Striker)
9th: Cameron Taylor Neal (Gouki Sky Striker)
10th: Brian Rayos (Trickstar Sky Striker)
11th: Ryan Thomas Gaskins (Dinosaur)
12th: Nishaad Sebastian Lorengo (Gouki)
13th: Fermon Bookal Reid (Gouki)
14th: Charles Hall Kip (Gouki)
15th: Joel Thomas White (Trickstar Sky Striker)
16th: Jeffrey Michael Alexander Jones (Trickstar Sky Striker)
17th: Dirk Richard Wagner (Mekk-Knight Trickstar Sky Striker)
18th: Jesse Aaron Hellwig (Mekk-Knight Trickstar Sky Striker)
19th: Stephen Neil Muldoon Marquez (Mekk-Knight Trickstar Sky Striker)
20th: Mohammed Faisal Khan (SPYRAL Sky Striker)
21st: Christian Georges (Gouki)
22nd: Chester Hawk Henson (Gouki)
23rd: Jeremy Taeron Mitchell (Pendulum Magician)
24th: Matthew Evan Haaris Vanden Heuvel (Gouki)
25th: Oscar Uriel Velez (Trickstar Sky Striker)
26th: Simon Wang (SPYRAL Sky Striker)
27th: Walter Jule (Pendulum Magician)
28th: Shelby Ray Redmon (Sky Striker)
29th: Melvin Anthony Torres Jr. (Gouki Sky Striker)
30th: Destin Kaspi (Mekk-Knight Trickstar)
31st: Denny Yu (Gouki Sky Striker)
32nd: Isaiah Kirk Joseph (Trickstar Sky Striker)
33rd: Quinton DeVante Marvin Brown (Gouki)
34th: Frank Antonio Nicola Jr. (Gouki Sky Striker)
35th: Khai Trung Minh Nguyen (Trickstar Sky Striker)
36th: Gabriel Antonio Vargas (Gouki)
37th: Thanh Cong Nguyen (Gouki)
38th: Cristian Rafael Urena (Trickstar Sky Striker)
39th: Darian Lynn Crevier (Trickstar Sky Striker)
40th: Kenneth Chung-Jeng Kuo (Trickstar Sky Striker)
41st: Christopher Payton Hood (Trickstar Mekk-Knight Sky Striker)
42nd: JT Patterson III (Gouki)
43rd: Timothy Russell LeDuc (Trickstar Mekk-Knight Sky Striker)
44th: Trevor Glenn Commer (Trickstar Mekk-Knight Sky Striker)
45th: Denny Ngo Vu (Gouki)
46th: Arthur Nguyen (Trickstar Sky Striker)
47th: Tyler Christopher Pinnow (Trickstar Sky Striker)
48th: Zachary C. Poling (Gouki Sky Striker)
49th: Robert Sylvester Loa Jr. (Mekk-Knight Invoked)
50th: Rami Ogando (Altergeist)
51st: Hani Yasser Jawhari (Souki Sky Striker)
52nd: Levi Jay Mininger (Altergeist)
53rd: Octavio Dedolla (World Chalice)
54th: Russel Kenneth Novak-Burdick (Trickstar Sky Striker)
55th: Gabriel Matthias Marini (Gouki Sky Striker)
56th: Amit Singh Deol (Trickstar Sky Striker)
57th: Timothy Steven Aicard (Gouki Sky Striker)
58th: Eddie Martin Verdin (Mekk-Knight Trickstar Sky Striker)
59th: Manav Dawar (Sky Striker)
60th: Julian Cebrian (Gouki Sky Striker)
61st: Emmanuel Eugene Hayes (Paleozoic)
62nd: Christian Devaugh Gillies (Trickstar Sky Striker)
63rd: Jarret Scot Zimmerman (Trickstar Sky Striker)
64th: Marc Daniel St. Romain (Gouki Sky Striker)

Source : Reddit & Yugiohblog

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