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Hilarious Comic Shows the Real Differences Between Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh

Hilarious Comic Shows the Real Differences Between Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh

If you like anime, there is a good chance you have tried out either Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh! The two franchises are immensely popular with fans, and their ability to transcend cultures turned the titles into superstars. For the most part, that connection has worked in favour of the franchises, but there are some who refuse to separate Pokemon from Yu-Gi-Oh!

So, some fan-artists decided to give those naysayers an easy lesson with one hilarious comic.

Over on Dorkly, Karina Farek and Tristan Cooper sent a note to every anime fan out there. The two created a web-comic breaking down the differences between Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! And,  the pair did not come to play.

The comic compares all sorts of story elements, but it begins with the franchises’ heroes. Pokemon is poked fun of for its ageless protagonist as Ash is seen saying, “I’ve been trying for 20 years, but I will become a Pokemon Master!” However, the folks behind Yu-Gi-Oh! do not have that kind of immortality on their side.

“There have been lots of Yu-Gi-Oh! protagonists, mostly because none of us are immortal children,” an elderly Yugi Muto is seen saying.

When it comes to monsters, both Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! are plenty dangerous. The comic shows Ash being rampaged by a fiery Charmander, but Professor Oak says it is fine for kids to play with the Pokemon. As for Duel Monsters, the fan-art stresses those monsters are just holograms, but they will kill you in a heartbeat if you aren’t careful.

As you can see, the comic shows just how darkYu-Gi-Oh! can be in comparison to Pokemon’s fluffy outer layer. While Ash gets knocked out for losing a match, Yugi’s poor grandfather had his soul sent to the Shadow Realm. If Pikachu had to drag his master’s soul back from hell each time the Elite Four took the pair down, Pokemon would become a very different story, no?

Source: Comicbook

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