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Listing trading cards shops in Akihabara

Listing trading card shops in Akihabara

Browse the best shops for trading cards in Akihabara. Trading Cards are very popular in Akihabara, as are any other Anime products. Many of the shops that offer this product also feature playing space, as is necessary for card games. In Akihabara, one can find Japanese card games, such as Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokémon or Dragon Ball Heroes, and even Magic the Gathering.

Check out our OCG products from our trip to Japan last Feb 2018 and some pictures we took:

 Trading cards store in Akihabara

 Trading cards store in Akihabara

Gamers Akihabara

Gamers Akihabara- Transcendcards

Gamers is a manga, anime and related merchandise chain store, with over 18 locations nationwide. The Akihabara store is one of the most emblematic of the neighbourhood, featuring 8 floors and frequently hosting promotional events such as signing by comic authors and voice actors.

  • 1F-Newly released magazines, comics and novels
  • 2F-Comics and novels
  • 3F-Comics and novels
  • 4F-Cd, DVD and Blu-Ray
  • 5F-Merchandise
  • 6F-Video Games, Doujin Soft
  • 7F-Trading Cards
  • 8F-Event Space

Mandarake Complex

Mandarake Complex - Transcendcards

 Trading cards store in Akihabara

Mandarake Complex is a vintage manga, toys, anime, merchandise and video game chain store, which has shops distributed all over Japan. Their slogan is “The Rulers of Time” as all around the country they probably have the biggest stock of vintage collectibles and they also sell worldwide. Here costumers will find all sorts of second-hand merchandise, video games and comics, ranging from the 60’s to present day products.

The Akihabara Mandarake Complex is one of their biggest shops, featuring a total of 7 floors served by two elevators. There is a cashier on each floor and the products are distributed as follows:

  • 1F-Buyback Center
  • 2F-Gallery Sale, Dolls and Cosplay
  • 3F-Manga and magazines
  • 4F-Doujin for Men
  • 5F-Doujin for Women
  • 6F-CD, DVD & Video Games
  • 7F-Toys and trading cards
  • 8F-Toys

 Trading cards store in Akihabara

 Trading cards store in Akihabara

 Trading cards store in Akihabara

 Trading cards store in Akihabara

Maron no Kakurega

Maron no Kakurega- Transcendcards

Maron no Kakurega is a second-hand trading card shop, located on the 5th floor of the Akiba Sofmap 2 building.

Liberty 4th shop

Liberty 4th shop- Transcendcards

Liberty is a second-hand store with several shops distributed around Akihabara, focused on distributing used games, merchandise and idol related goods. This 4th shop has 8 floors (equipped with an elevator) with the following products:

  • 1F – Anime DVD, Video Games
  • 2F – Buyback Centre
  • 3F – Anime and Video Game Music
  • 5F – Idol DVD and CD
  • 6F – Trading Cards
  • 7-8F – Adult DVD


Fireball- Transcendcards

Fireball is a small trading card shop located on the 7th floor of the building. It offers new and second-hand trading card games, as well as several tables for battling with other customers.


Cherumo- Transcendcards
 Trading cards store in Akihabara
 Trading cards store in Akihabara
 Trading cards store in Akihabara
Cherumo is a small trading card shop located on the 4th floor of the building, in which customers will find both new and used trading cards of the latest and trendiest series of the moment. We love this store!

Trader Akihabara 3rd Shop

Trader Akihabara 3rd Shop- Transcendcards

Trader is a second-hand entertainment media store with several outlets located in Akihabara. This is its third shop, featuring 4 floors and the following products:

  • 1F-Video Games, DVD & Blu Ray
  • 2F-Trading Cards
  • 3F-Buyback Center
  • 4F-Adult games and anime

Card Kingdom

Card Kingdom- Transcendcards

Card Kingdom is a trading card game chain store, which sells both new and used cards of the most popular games. It also has some gaming space for visitors.

Role & Roll Station

Role & Roll Station- Transcendcards

Role & Roll Station is a role-playing games, board games and trading card speciality shop, located on the 4th floor.

Full Comp

Full Comp- Transcendcards

Full Comp is a new and second-hand trading card shop which carries a wide range of collections, from classic trading cards to modern series and games.

Yellow Submarine RPG

Yellow Submarine RPG- Transcendcards

Yellow Submarire is a Hobby products chain store (modelism, figures, trading cards etc.), but this branch is specialized in board and card role-playing games (RPG) such as Warhammer.

Amenity Dream

Amenity Dream- Transcendcards

Amenity Dream is a trading card shop, where costumers will find both new decks of the trending card games as well as used single cards to purchase.

Hobby Station

Hobby Station- Transcendcards

Hobby station is a trading card chain store in which one can find all sorts of trading cards from, the current games in the market, both as new packs and used single cards. The shop has a few tables for customers to play games.

Card World Akiba

Card World Akiba- Transcendcards

Card World Akiba is a huge trading card shop which features a whooping 4 floors dedicated to this product. Here you can find all kinds of trading cards, ranging from the most popular games to the most obscure, both as new products and as used single cards and card packs. The fourth floor is an event space where customers can play games against other people.


Ikkokukan- Transcendcards

Ikkokukan is a trading card shop, where costumers will find both new trading card packs and used single cards of the most popular games of the moment. The shop features also a small area where costumers can play trading card matches.

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