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Local Gaming Store Offers Competitive Card Playing

Local Gaming Store Offers Competitive Card Playing

Terre Haute, IN - Sharing a building with Footer's Pizza, Full Moon Games provides card players with an opportunity to find all of their needs.

"We're a trading card game store, we basically sell board games, card games, and accessories," said Ben Bledsoe, Full Moon Games manager.

The products the store sells isn't the only thing bringing folks through their doors. Weekly competitions are held at full moon games with cash prizes on the line. "We hold tournaments for Magic Gathering, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, War Hammer, and any of those types of games," said Bledsoe.

For a small entry fee, players have the chance to win big money. It's this opportunity, combined with the store's collection that brings in gamers like Nicholas French-Seats, who drives from Indianapolis for Legacy tournaments. "We get to play with cards from 1993 when this game was created, so that's one of the cool parts about this tournament specifically," said French-Seats.

In addition to the competition, French-Seats says the environment at Full Moon Games draws him to the Wabash Valley.

"The crowd here is also is pretty good. I enjoy most of the people whenever I come here. I haven't really had a bad interaction," said French-Seats.

Staff say they are also willing to teach the card games to beginners.

Source: mywabashvalley

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