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Profits and revenue on the rise for Konami's video game branch

Profits and revenue on the rise for Konami's video game branch

Konami has released its financial report detailing the first six months of its 2017-2018 fiscal year, showing a year-over-year increase in profit and revenue for both its Digital Entertainment branch and the company as a whole.  

For the period ending September 30, the company as a whole reported ¥115.4 billion (~$1 billion) in revenue, a 13.8 percent increase from the same period during the previous year. Likewise, Konami saw profit for the period reach ¥17.2 billion (~$151.2 million) for a 40.5 percent increase year over year. 

Konami’s Digital Entertainment branch brought in the lions share of total revenue for those first six months. That department, which oversees both its video game and card game operations, brought in ¥57.6 billion (~$506.5 million) in revenue, roughly a 28.7 percent increase from the ¥44.9 billion (~$395 million) reported during the previous year. 

Digital Entertainment also saw an increase in profit compared to the preceding year, with 2017’s numbers coming in at ¥19.3 billion (~$169.4 million) for a 24.5 percent increase. 

Konami attributes the performance in the past two quarters to “favorable reviews” for the mobile titles Jikkyou Pawafuru Puroyakyu and Professional Baseball Spirits A, “continued stable performance” from games in its global markets like Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, the mobile Pro Evolution Soccer 2017, and PES Club Manager, along with the release of Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

Additionally, its mobile games Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links and Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 both cleared 50 million downloads during the past quarter, with Duel Links coming in at 55 million on its own. 

Going forward, the company says it expects “to provide content that enables us to deliver pleasure to customers in various regions” through an in-development PC version of Duel Links, ongoing support for its mobile titles, and what it describes as aggressive promotions within the eSports scene.

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