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Yugioh cards

What are some Yugioh cards that let me draw a card?

Obligatory Jar of Greed

There are plenty of legal cards that allow you to draw cards, the question is what you feel is a good cost for it.

A lot of people seem to like Upstart Goblin (because it’s cost is rather small):

If you are playing a dark deck, Allure of Darkness may appeal to you

If you don’t have a lot of monsters, you could most likely just set the cards from Cards of Demise

If you don’t care about combo pieces being banished, Pot of Desires is pretty Desirable:

(OCG Only)Or if you have literally no other spells or traps Light of Sekka could be your jam:

Essentially, there are plenty of draw cards, look around and find one you like (or don’t and rely on some other way of adding cards to your hand).

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Andrew Lin

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