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What are the best Fusion Monsters in your opinion?

El Shaddoll Construct

What are the best Fusion Monsters in your opinion?

This card did everything for Shaddolls

  • Was a light target, arguable the best in the game
  • Offered some form of removal for getting big monsters
  • Mills a Shaddoll monster of your choice

Not to mention how much lore she has, she basically soloed the Gem-Knights, Yang Zing, Stellarknights and Ritual Beasts (along with a few irrelevant ones). Eventually the GOD OF CREATION had to got sick of her and went nuclear.

She came back merged with some ice dragons that caused the last ice age and some hellspawn. Long story, but she is a big player in the Duel Terminal story.

Naturia Exterio

What are the best Fusion Monsters in your opinion?


  • Mills cards,
  • Banishes cards
  • Negates Spell and Trap cards
  • Not a once per turn

This card does so much and you basically have to rely on monster effects and counter traps to get rid of it. Granted it’s not nearly as strong as it used to be but it’s still a pain to deal with

Then some honorable mentions:

Elder Entity Norden: Easy Rank 4 and conductive to loops with great typing

Thousand-Eyes Restrict: How was this card released in 2004?

Gem-Knight Seraphinite: The cornerstone of the brilliant fusion engine.

Source: Shane Neary

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