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What Does “Extra Linked” Mean?

What Does “Extra Linked” Mean?

In this video, it’s mentioned that there’s a way that you can make use of both Extra Monster Zones. Now that you’ve had a month to play with the basics of Link Monsters, it’s time to talk about an advanced strategy that only becomes available when using lots of Link Monsters. Before we can get to that though, we need to know what it means for Link Monsters to be “Extra Linked”!

In addition to being linked or co-linked, there’s a special type of “linked” state that a monster can be in: “Extra Linked”. Only Link Monsters can be Extra Linked, and this state only occurs when a series of co-linked Link Monsters is built that connects a Link Monster in an Extra Monster Zone to a Link Monster in the other Extra Monster Zone. Each monster in the series must be co-linked to each other monster it is linked to in the series. Take a look at the example below.


You don’t have to control all of the Link Monsters in the chain in order for this to be possible. Consider this situation.


In this scenario, you could Link Summon a Decode Talker to the right-hand Extra Monster Zone, co-linked to the opposing Firewall Dragon, and then Link Summon another Decode Talker in the left-hand Extra Monster Zone co-linked to the other opposing Firewall Dragon. The second Decode Talker would cause the entire chain of Link Monsters to become Extra Linked, so this is allowed.


Link Monsters can be co-linked on diagonals, though at the time of this writing there are no Link Monsters whose Link Arrows point diagonally upwards. If at some point such Link Monsters were to exist, they could also be used this way.

Scenarios like the ones presented above are rare, but now you know the additional opportunities when these situations arise!


Source: Yugiohblog.konami 

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