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What is a good deck to teach beginners to play Yu-Gi-Oh?

Probably Blue-Eye no doubt

  • You can spam out huge 3000ATK beaters really easily (so you learn quickly that means jack shit in today’s game)
  • Kaiba
  • You can do make a even bigger 4500ATK fusion monster that can attack 3 times (So you can realize how not to put all your eggs in one basket and how important protection is)
  • Kaiba
  • You can make a contact fusion for getting out of tricky situations (So you can learn the benefits of not having to use a fusion spell)
  • Kaiba
  • You can make some of the best Xyz monsters in the game (So you can learn the mechanic that your Blue-eyes isn’t in the grave for White Stones or Revival effects)
  • Kaiba
  • You can make synchro monsters (so you can learn that mechanic as well and balance putting a 2500/3000 monster in attack to close out games or defense because it’s higher)
  • Kaiba
  • You can ritual summon Blue-Eye Chaos Max Dragon that will end games single handily (So you can realize how important consistency is and drop it to win even more games)
  • Did I say Kaiba?

Basically, include all the mechanics besides Links and is on the simpler end of decks. Also has a lot of cards that you can run but not too many it feels overwhelming

Also Kaiba

Source: Shane Neary

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