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What is the best Yu-Gi-Oh! Spellcaster deck?

What is the best Yu-Gi-Oh! Spellcaster deck?

The best Spellcaster decks in the came are, in order :

  1. Shaddolls
  2. Pendulum Magicians
  3. Dark Magician


Yugioh Shaddolls

Yes, Shaddoll DragonShaddoll BeastShaddoll Hound, Shaddoll Hedgehog, and Shaddoll Falco are Spellcasters.

While this deck is what I would consider “the best” of the 3, unfortunately El Shaddoll Construct is Banned so the deck has lost a lot of power so you can argue this deck is the weakest right now.

It’s a fusion archetype that takes a “Shaddoll” monster and any other monster to summon a fusion monster, Like the “Invoked” archetype (which is technically an Spellcaster archetype but it doesn’t work on it’s own).

The gimmick is that the main deck monster are flip monsters. This may sound bad but they have a second effect that triggers when they are send to the grave by a card effect so whether your opponent decide to attack into it or use something like Raigeki you still get an effect.

Pendulum Magician

Yugioh Pendulum Magician

It’s a pendulum deck that revolves around blowing up your scales to trigger their effects and setting yourself up to summon Supreme King Z-ARC

Now, the deck is not bad, the cards and effects are good, but Supreme King Z-ARC takes way too much setup to get it out in one turn (as much as it is worth it to summon it) really holds it back.

I believe they got a lot of their cards off the banlist and make top 64 or something so, hey, not bad.

Dark Magician

Yugioh Dark Magician

It’s an archetype that resolves around Dark Magician, a vanilla monster with terrible stats for a 2 tribute monster that was only made relevant because a man character on the show used as his ace

So are not actually beating down your opponent with it.

What you are doing is using the awesome spell and trap cards that support him like a true spellcaster: Dark Magical Circle and Eternal Soul

You have a lot of decent cards like Magician's RobeMagician's RodMagician Navigation, and Illusion Magic.

Eventually what you want to do is get the continuous spell and trap online and keep banishing your opponents cards until they run out of steam and out grind them. This deck has one of the best grind games of any deck but it has a few troubles consistently getting setup quickly and lasting into turn 4 and 5.

Credit to:  Shane Neary
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