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Yu-Gi-Oh!: 10 Cards Kaiba Only Used Once

Yu-Gi-Oh!: 10 Cards Kaiba Only Used Once

While Yugi and Joey's decks remain fairly consistent, Seto Kaiba's went through some major overhauls between each of Yu-Gi-Oh!'s arcs.

When it comes to the main character's decks in Yu-Gi-Oh!, they are– for the most part– fairly consistent between duels, allowing the audience to see their favorites over and over again. While Yugi and Joey's decks remain fairly consistent, Seto Kaiba's went through some major overhauls between each arc of the original series.

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While the bulk of Kaiba's deck focuses on summoning his Blue-Eyes White Dragon cards, as well as the brief moment when he held Obelisk the Tormentor and that became his focus instead, the support cards he uses changes almost every time he duels and are seemingly chosen for that specific duel in mind.

10. Trap Master

Yugioh Trap Card

Trap Master was a part of the original Kaiba Starter Deck when the TCG was first released, but Kaiba didn't actually use it in a duel until the Legendary Heroes arc that followed the Duelist Kingdom tournament. This creepy Flip Effect monster, which looks like it would be more at home in Pegasus' deck, allows Kaiba to destroy a Trap Card his opponent controls, which is very useful considering how often Trap Cards change the tides of a duel. He only used it in the final duel against the Armed Ninjas, which destroyed Dragon Capture Jar and freed his Blue-Eyes from their control.

9. Negative Energy Generator

Yugioh Negative Energy Generator

The Duelist Kingdom arc of Yu-Gi-Oh! was home to some truly ridiculous cards, and Kaiba's first duel against Yugi is no exception. Summoning Saggi the Dark Clown, much to Yugi's confusion, Kaiba equips it with Negative Energy Generator, which triples a Dark Attribute monster's ATK and makes Saggi grow from 600 to 1800 ATK. Considering Kaiba has the likes of Swordstalker in his deck, a Dark Attribute monster with 2000 ATK, it seems like a huge wasted opportunity to put some real pressure on Yugi, as well as win him the duel much sooner.

8. Thirst For Compensation

Yugioh Thirst For Compensation

Many of Kaiba's one-off cards were used in Battle City, which isn't entirely surprising considering how many different duelists he had to duel against. One of his more ridiculous cards was Thirst For Compensation, which he used against Yugi to gain some major advantage over him while both of their God Cards were active.

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After drawing cards with a combination of Card Destruction and Graceful Charity, Kaiba flips this card on Yugi to summon two monsters to his side of the field, which he quickly tributes to use Obelisk's board clearing effect in a failed attempt to win against Slifer– though his efforts are thwarted by the King of Games.

7. Command Silencer

Yugioh Command Silencer

Once again in his semi-finals duel against Yugi, Kaiba uses a card that he should have used far more often but saves to use against his greatest rival. After being seemingly overwhelmed by the raw power of Slifer, Kaiba saves himself from defeat by activating Command Silencer, which negates the attack that would have defeated him and lets him draw one card. Attack negation effects are fairly common in early Yu-Gi-Oh!, but there are considerably fewer that allow the player to gain an advantage in return.

6. Power Balance

Yugioh Power Balance

Throughout Battle City, Kaiba showed time and time again that he was the master of mind games, but his greatest mind games were played during his duel with Yugi. Knowing Slifer's strength depends on how many cards are in its controller's hand, Kaiba waits until Slifer becomes a real issue before using Power Balance to put a massive dent in its ATK, but it results in yet another stalemate between the two pro duelists.

5. Vampire Lord

Yugioh Vampire Lord

During his duel against Noah in the Virtual World arc, Kaiba decides to take a little break from his Dragon monsters and uses Vampire Lord instead. While he only plays the card once, it continues to return to the field due to its effect multiple times, though it eventually ends up in the hands of Noah before leaving the duel for good. Although Kaiba wouldn't use Vampire Lord ever again, it was easily one of the better low-level monsters in his deck, at least when compared to some of his Normal monsters.

4. The Wicked Worm Beast

Yugioh The Wicked Worm Beast

The Wicked Worm Beast is a really weird card, even by early Yu-Gi-Oh!'s standards. Although it isn't part of the Spirit archetype, it has the same effect to return itself to the player's hand at the end of the turn it was summoned, but it doesn't have a secondary effect to mitigate the massive downside of using up a Normal Summon to play it.

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Kaiba had this card during his duel with Leichter in the Virtual World, though he only Set it and it was never seen in his deck again. While it was entirely reasonable to not use this awful card for anything other than defense, the fact he had it in his deck in the first place raises some questions about his status as a world-class duelist.

3. Possessed Dark Soul

Yugioh Possessed Dark Soul

In the follow-up episode to his duel with Leichter, Kaiba uses another questionable card in the form of Possessed Dark Soul. While the effect to gain control of all level three or lower monsters on the opponent's field isn't horrible, it is somewhat hampered by the fact that almost no one uses monsters with that low a level in the first place. Luckily, Kaiba doesn't put a bad card to waste and uses it to summon his Blue-Eyes instead, which gets him the victory in the end.

2. Soul Demolition

Yugioh Soul Demolition

Used in the duel against his adoptive father, Gozaburo Kaiba, this somewhat niche but powerful card single handedly brought Kaiba victory against Exodia, which had haunted him since his embarrassing defeat against Yugi in episode one. By paying 500 life points, Kaiba was able to remove all pieces from Exodia from Gozabura's graveyard, reduce Exodia Necross to 0 ATK, and defeat his father with Blue-Eyes.

1. Fang Of Critias Fusions

Yugioh Fang Of Critias Fusions

Yugi and Joey both used their Eye of Timaeus and Claw of Hermos respectfully many times, but only used the same resulting Fusions on a handful of those instances. Kaiba, on the other hand, only used Doom Virus Dragon, Mirror Force Dragon, and Tyrant Burst Dragon once each during the Waking the Dragons arc, which is a shame for him considering just how powerful those monsters were.


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