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Yu-Gi-Oh: 10 Most Powerful Vision Hero Cards

Yu-Gi-Oh: 10 Most Powerful Vision Hero Cards

There are always more HERO monsters. Yet another sub-archetype within the giant army of Hero cards, the Vision Heros are essentially Aster Phoenix’s version of Jaden’s Masked Heroes. While Jaden eventually started focusing on the Masked Heroes over the regular Elemental Heroes in the manga, Aster Phoenix went with the Vision Heroes—a group of all Dark Attribute Warrior monsters.

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The Vision Heroes have a unique playstyle that’s actually reminiscent of Crystal Beasts. When they’re in the graveyard, the lower level Vision Heroes can place themselves from the graveyard to the spell and trap card zones as Continuous Traps whenever the player takes damage. Though they spent forever locked to the manga, recently most of the Vision Heroes have made the jump to the card game, and they’ve proven quite powerful.



Vision Hero Gravito’s effect is pretty simple and to the point—when it’s summoned, target a banished Hero monster and add it to the hand. This combos pretty well with Vision Hero Vyon, allowing players to recover cards banished by its effect, or by the effect of Allure of Darkness since this archetype has so many Dark monsters. Even more impressive, though, is its ability to special summon two Vision Heroes from the spell and trap zone to the field just by tributing itself. It’s a solid effect that makes Gravito worth an include in any Vision Hero-focused deck.



Vision Release targets a Vision Hero in the spell/trap zone and special summons it to the field. Then, the following turn (or any turn after) it’s played, it can take a Vision Hero in grave and add it back to hand, allowing for recursion. This is the kind of card which is fine for the deck it was made for, but is lackluster otherwise. It could have been so much better if it had been a quick-play, making it usable during the opponent’s turn.



There’s nothing like a boss monster that lets a player ignore attack. Made up of two of any kind of HERO monsters, Vision Hero Adoration is a monster with 2800 ATK. Once per turn, Adoration can target a monster the opponent controls and any other monster they control, and make the opponent’s monster lose attack and defense equal to that monster’s attack until the end of the turn. This is a solid card, but it would’ve been better if it could make an opponent’s monster lose 2800 ATK, especially considering this is a deck where a lot of the other monsters would be significantly smaller.



One of the oldest Vision Heroes, Vision Hero Trinity has been around back when the rest of the deck was still in the manga. Made up of three different HERO monsters, it’s a pretty demanding boss monster for the extra deck in terms of resources.

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It does have an impressive effect though: when it’s first fusion summoned, its attack doubles from 2500 to 5000. Not only that, but it can attack up to three times every Battle Phase, making it an excellent way to clear out the opponent’s monsters while also dealing out massive damage. It can’t attack directly, but being an extra deck monster means it’s more about offering the utility to deal with large boards.


Witch Raider is an excellent way to take advantage of the Vision Hero mechanic of placing monsters in the backrow as Continuous Traps. He's a level 8 monster which can be Tribute Summoned using Continuous Traps as well, effectively meaning he can be the Normal Summon without first having two monsters on the field. When Normal Summoned, he plays the role of Harper's feather duster and destroys the opponent's spells and traps. The only drawback he has is he burns the Normal Summon for the turn, but there are worse trade-offs.


Vision Fusion might be one of the more versatile Hero Fusion spells. With it, a player can special summon any Hero fusion from the extra deck, using monsters from the hand or field as material. Even more impressive is that if the player has monsters in their spell/trap zone, they can banish up to 2 of those to summon a Fusion monster instead. It’s probably the best non-Mask Change Fusion spell for Heroes, since it doesn’t just summon “Vision Heroes” but “Hero” Fusions in general.


This card is pretty solid. It shares the same effect as other level 3 Vision Heroes, in that it can be placed in the spell/trap zone from the graveyard if the player takes any kind of damage, and it can special summon itself during the main phase from the spell/trap zone. But what makes it so good is its last effect: if it’s special summoned, you can destroy a level 4 or lower monster the opponent controls. This effect is non-targeting, so it can smack quite a few monsters, but what keeps it from being amazing is it can only hit level 4 or lower monsters, rather than just hitting all monsters.


This? This is how you generate advantage. Vision Hero Increase has the same effect to place itself in the spell and trap card zone when the player takes battle damage as the rest.

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And by tributing a monster it can special summon itself from the spell/trap zone, and if it does, it can special summon a level 4 or lower Vision Hero directly from the deck. A card like this works perfectly with a card like Minimum Ray or Vyon to deal additional damage or send monsters to the grave that allow additional search power.


Faris gets right to the point. By discarding another HERO monster he can be special summoned from the hand. When special summoned, Faris can place a Vision Hero from the deck in the spell/trap zone. This opens up a world of plays; to start, just summoning him could involve sending Shadow Mist to the grave to add a Hero to the hand. Then he can straight up place a monster from the deck in the spell/trap zone, allowing the player to pick the one that satisfies a specific situation. His only drawback is he forces you to only summon Hero monsters from the extra deck, but who cares when he does so much?


The first Vision Hero from the main deck ever printed is this good? Heroes won't ever stop being a threat. On being summoned, Vyon shoves a monster from the deck into the graveyard. This basically works to set up the effect of most other Vision Heroes, but also it can be used to activate elemental hero Shadow Mist's effect to search out a Hero monster. Even better? You can banish a Hero from grave to add a Polymerization from deck to hand. That means setting up a potential board with multiple heroes is possible off this one card. Vyon is incredible.

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