Like its competitor Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh! has become a popular mainstay in the trading card phenomenon, with many arguing that it's the best anime based on trading card games. Not only did Yu-Gi-Oh! become a strong multimedia franchise, but people also collect valuable Yu-Gi-Oh! trading cards that are worth a lot of money.

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Despite the franchise having great characters and stories to tell, the franchise would be nothing without its iconic duel monsters. It poses the question of which ones would work in the real world and makes for an intriguing discussion.

10. SHOULD EXIST: Kuriboh, A Furry & Cute Monster

Yugioh Kuriboh

Kuriboh may be a weak duel monster among them, but it's furry, cute, and kindhearted nature makes it a monster worth being around in the real world. Kuriboh often interacts closely with the main protagonists throughout the different Yu-Gi-Oh! anime by serving as protection.

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However, Kuriboh can become a valuable trump-card when people are put under intense pressure, as seen in one of the duels Yugi should've lost, being his match with Pegasus. Nonetheless, Kuriboh's charming and fun-loving personality make it a duel monster worth existing.

9. SHOULD NOT EXIST: Summoned Skull, A Monster Who Betrayed Yugi

Yugioh Summoned Skull

Although Summoned Skull may not be as great of a duel monster card as it used to be, it's still a fierce creature that wouldn't mind tampering with human beings mentally and physically. Not only is the monster known for messing around with its opponents' minds, but it can also cast lightning strikes upon its enemy, shocking them with full force.

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Although it served Yugi and Atem well by helped them claim victory in many duels, this creature did betray Yugi at-times, meaning it's not a monster worth trusting.

8. SHOULD EXIST: Celtic Guardian, A Noble Training Partner

Yugioh Celtic Guardian

When everyone thinks of Yugi and the monsters in his deck, one warrior who many bring up in discussion is his trusty Celtic Guardian. Not only does this swordsman always seem to have Yugi's back during tough duels, but it also carries a respectable knight-like attitude.

This characteristic from the Celtic Guardian alone makes it obvious why it's one of Yugi's most used cards in his deck. The Celtic Guardian's swordsmanship is not something to write off either as it would make for a great samurai companion or training partner for those looking to improve in wielding a blade.

7. SHOULD NOT EXIST: Time Wizard, A Tempting Yet Terrible Opportunity For Time Travel

Yugioh Time Wizard

Although the Time Wizard being a goofy-looking colorful clock that some argue is one of Joey's worst cards in his deck, Time Wizard's abilities alone make it a dangerous threat to all living organisms. Even if luck was on someone's side, having a creature that can manipulate time itself can lead to a drastic change in the world's climate and livelihood.

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If any of the time-traveling shows taught humanity one thing, it's not to meddle with the space-time continuum. Therefore, it's wise for Time Wizard to remain a duel monster card and not become a living organism in the real world.

6. SHOULD EXIST: Dark Magician Girl, A Guardian Of Good-Natured People

Yugioh Dark Magician Girl

Dark Magician Girl is probably many fans' most favorite female duel monster of all time, and many still debate on whether she's a better ace for Yugi than Dark Magician. Dark Magician Girl is a humanoid, spellcaster duel monster that casts enchanted spells toward her opponents and is of great value to Yugi and Atem in many of their duels.

She has a frivolous, upbeat personality every time she is summoned from Yugi's deck and is very loyal to her master, the Dark Magician. Although she'd be great at magic shows, Dark Magician Girl would also be ready to protect good-natured people no matter the danger.

5. SHOULD NOT EXIST: Insect Queen, A Giant Spider With Toxic Beams

Yugioh Insect Queen

One of Weevil's strongest duel monsters in his deck, Insect Queen is a fearsome large spider who not only can fly but also has the power to shoot a toxic beam that turns her foes into "bug juice." This duel monster will feed on other insect monsters to increase her strength and can easily tower over the tallest of humans seen today.

On that note, many cans of bug spray wouldn't be enough to take down this giant abomination, so it's a good thing that she doesn't exist in real life.

4. SHOULD EXIST: Flame Swordsman, An Admirable Role Model For Children

Yugioh Flame Swordsman

Flame Swordsman must be one of Joey's favorite cards to use when dueling against tough opponents. Whenever he plays it in a duel, it seems to carry a spiritual connection with the duelist. The pharaoh's first duel with Bakura's evil half in the shadow realm hints toward this as Joey's shown wearing the Flame Swordsman gear.

Nonetheless, the Flame Swordsman would prove to be a great asset to anyone, mostly toward those with a good heart compared to Joey. Therefore, it would be great to see this hardcore swordsman become a superhero for children to admire.

3. SHOULD NOT EXIST: Exodia: The Forbidden One, A Ruthless Creature With Too Much Power

Yugioh Exodia

Quite possibly one of the most-powerful duel monsters of all time, Exodia: The Forbidden One is a ruthless, powerful Egyptian-like creature that's capable of ending duels with a bang. Not only does this card help Yugi win his first duel against Kaiba, but it also causes Kaiba to undergo some emotional and mental change.

Furthermore, the monster's classic five-card set notes that if all five pieces of Exodia were to be in one's hand, it'd be an instant win for that duelist. With the power to obliterate mighty creatures like Kaiba's prized, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, it'd be best if Exodia was forbidden from entering the real world.

2. SHOULD EXIST: Dark Magician, A Kind & Protective Being

Yugioh Dark Magician

Whenever Yugi Moto or the Pharoah's deck are being discussed in the anime or the card games, everyone will always think of their most treasured card, the Dark Magician. Dark Magician is known for its calm, collected, and intimidating appearance whenever either duelist summons him from their deck.

He may not be as strong as Kaiba's Blue-Eyes White Dragon based on standard attack and defense points, but this magician's sneaky tricks always help Yugi triumph over the toughest duels. Praise aside, Dark Magician feels like a magician that'd be kind toward citizens but very protective of their master.

1. SHOULD NOT EXIST: Blue-Eyes White Dragon, A Destructive & Carnivorous Monster

Yugioh  Blue-Eyes White Dragon

When people discuss Yu-Gi-Oh!'s most iconic duel monsters, the two that arguably come to mind are Dark Magician or the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Although this card may be a fan-favorite, its destructive powers and carnivorous characteristics deem it a creature not suitable to live amongst the human population.

Whenever Kaiba summons Blue-Eyes White Dragon, the anime made sure to highlight its dark characteristics well by having it appear alongside lightning or incorporating close-up shots of its face as it looks down upon its foe. As cool as it would be to own a real Blue-Eyes White Dragon, nothing good would come from it.