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Yu-Gi-Oh!: 5 Monsters That Could Take Down Captain America (& 5 He Could Take Down)

Yu-Gi-Oh!: 5 Monsters That Could Take Down Captain America (& 5 He Could Take Down)

Captain America might be a superhero, but even he'd struggle against some of these monsters.

Yu-Gi-Oh is a series known for it's eye-popping, unique and all-around cool monsters. When you here the word Yu-Gi-Oh, it's likely that images of the iconic Dark Magician, Exodia, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, and Red-Eyes Black Dragon come to mind.

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Aside from their good looks, almost all of the show's monsters pack some serious firepower, be it through pure strength, magical abilities, or some sort of powerful weapon. The stuff that both heroes and villains are made of. With this mind, how would a hero like Captain America fair against such foes? Today, we pit 10 classic Yu-Gi-Oh monsters from the original series up against him and see who comes out on top.

10. Monster Would Win: Legendary Fisherman

Yugioh Legender Fisherman

Captain America has had some experience with aquatic powered people, as he has had a long, rocky relationship with Namor. The Legendary Fisherman is some ways Yu-Gi-Oh's equivalent to the aforementioned Marvel character. While not quite as powerful, in the famous battle between Mako and Joey, we see the Fisherman become practically untouchable as long as he's got water around him, using it and his powerful spear to punish opponents. Considering Cap has struggled fighting Namor even when he's with The Avengers, and that this battle would almost definitely happen in the Fisherman's natural habitat, he would ultimately be vanquished despite his incredible strength and agility.

9. Captain America Would Win: Celtic Guardian

Yugioh Celtic Guardian

Celtic Guardian has been one of Yugi's signature monsters ever since the first season of the show. Despite that, he never did much to help the hero win. The warrior, while surely formidable with a sword, has no magical power and neither does his weapon. He's almost always been destroyed easily when used by Yugi too, which doesn't help his odds. While he might be able to hold up for a few minutes, Cap's superhuman strength and durability, paired with his nearly invincible shield, would allow him to easily subdue the iconic elf soldier.

8. Monster Would Win: Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Yugioh blue eyes white dragon

One of the most iconic monsters in the entire series, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon is a force to be reckoned with. While quite often Kaiba used the combined might of three Blue-Eyes White Dragons, the colossal attack power of a single one was enough to instill terror in any opposing duelist.

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Captain America has never faced a dragon straight up, but anytime he has fought larger sized foes, it's always been with the aid of The Avengers. The sheer size of the Blue-Eyes alone gives it a guaranteed win against ole Cap. No amount of human strength or agility could save him here.

7. Captain America Would Win: Harpie Lady Sisters

Yugioh Harpie Lady Sisters

Mai Valentine's go-to monsters served her well many times in the series, helping her win a good number of duels. At the end of the day though, despite their flying abilities, Cap's superior fighting ability, skills with a shield, strategic skills, and experience fighting multiple enemies would give him a significant advantage. It also helps that Cap is willing to kill if absolutely necessary, and would likely go to that extreme in a battle like this. In what surely would be an exciting fight, Cap takes the win here.

6. Monster Would Win: Dark Magician

Yugioh Dark Magician

Yugi's number one card is in competition with the Blue-Eyes White Dragon for the most iconic monster of the show. It's his signature card and remained a vital part of his deck all the way to the final episode and beyond, helping him win countless duels over the course of his duelist career. While Captain America would surely win in a one-on-one fistfight, the Dark Magician would ensure the confrontation would be over long before it came to that. Early on, his signature move involved him literally freezing his opponents in place before destroying them. All done with only one hand. Needless to say, Cap loses this round.

5. Captain America Would Win: Time Wizard

Yugioh Time Wizard

A very different type of magical user, one of Joey Wheeler's favorite cards has helped him clutch up some close duels, as well as inadvertently making it harder to win others. As already established, Captain America doesn't stand much of a chance against magical enemies, but Time Wizard's unique ability proves to be his ultimate demise in this matchup.

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Unfortunately for the Time Wizard, his ability to power up one's own monsters by aging them is one based purely on a 50/50 chance. If the clock's hand doesn't land right, he'll destroy himself. Not to mention, his ability doesn't even affect him directly. By the time his clock begins to spin, Cap would've already knocked him out in one punch.

4. Monster Would Win: Winged Dragon Of Ra

Yugioh Winged Dragon Of Ra

In the show, the Egyptian god cards are the most powerful monsters in the game (with one exception), mainly due to their being actual all-powerful, ancient beasts infused into playing cards. Most duelists who use them become some of the greatest in the game. Really, all of the beasts are way too powerful for Captain America to beat with a team of heroes by his side, much less on his own. Ra stands as the most powerful of the three, and his ability to transform into an invincible, superdestructive phoenix is very similar to the Phoenix Force in Marvel Comics. And just like the Phoenix, Ra can essentially destroy anything in his path. If Ra can accomplish only a fraction of what Marvel's Pheonix has done, Captain America has no hope to defeat this foe.

3. Captain America Would Win: Flame Swordsman

Yugioh Flame Swordsman

Joey Wheeler had a knack for using Warrior-Type monsters, and the Flame Swordsman is both his most known and most powerful swordsman. Stronger than most sword-wielding monster cards, the Flame Swordsman wields a massive sword that is constantly engulfed in fire and can shoot concentrated blasts of it to wipeout adversaries. Even though the flaming weapon would give this soldier more of a fighting chance against Captain America, in the end, it would only serve as a nuisance to the star-spangled hero. The flames would never be able to damage Cap's shield, and the Swordsman's heavy armor would prevent him from matching Cap's speed. It might take a little longer, but Cap eventually would take down this fiery warrior.

2. Monster Would Win: Exodia, The Forbidden One

Yugioh Exodia

The Egyptians god cards were some of the most powerful cards in the game when they were introduced in the show. Still, there's one monster that stood tall as the one, true biggest powerhouse of them all: Exodia, the Forbidden One. If a duelist manages to have all pieces of Exodia in their hand, they win the duel. That means in terms of the monster's onscreen power, there's nothing that can quite compare in the show.

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With his main power being the ability to literally obliterate anything, the only thing Captain America could relate him to would be villains like Galactus or Kang The Conqueror. Cap would stand no chance against this unstoppable monster.

1. Captain America Would Win: Baby Dragon

Yugioh Baby Dragon

Though Captain America would have a very hard time soloing any of the big dragons the Yu-Gi-Oh series is filled with, there's one in particular that he would have no trouble beating: Baby Dragon. While Joey's second favorite dragon has proven useful to him from time-to-time, in almost every case it's because he has buffed him with spells or fused him with other monsters. Cap might need to adjust to fighting such a creature at first, but eventually, he'd have no problem taking down a dragon that can barely produce a fireball on its own.

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