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Yu-Gi-Oh! 9 Friendship Memes That Are Too Funny

Yu-Gi-Oh! 9 Friendship Memes That Are Too Funny

Friendship is clearly at the heart of Yu-Gi-Oh!, but how have fans tipped their hats to the friendship in the series through memes?

When Yugi Muto assembles the Millennium Puzzle, he makes a wish without really thinking it would pass. He wishes for friends that'd be loyal to him and to whom he could reciprocate. His plea comes true in the form of Joey, Tristan, and Tea, and the four of them live exciting and dangerous adventures throughout the anime.

Friendship plays a crucial role in Yu-Gi-Oh! Time and again, Yugi risks his life for his friends, who also prove they are willing to sacrifice everything for the spiky-haired duelist. The show does go a bit overboard with the importance of friendship, providing ample material for numerous and hilarious memes.

9. Friendship?

Yugioh A meme showing Tea with a bizarre expression and the word FRIENDSHIP

Tea's bizarre expression makes this meme both amusing and slightly unsettling. The character usually has a calm and sweet disposition, only seldom lashing out. She tends to be over-emotional at times, but who can blame her when her closest friends are constantly at mortal peril.

This meme somehow captures Tea's all-for-one-and-one-for-all essence while failing to paint an accurate depiction of her character, which is kind of impressive. Still, the thought and the friendship are what matters.

8. Tea Approves

Yugioj A meme showing Tea with the words "Tea approves this friendship"

As the world-renowned expert on the matter, of course, Tea Gardner must have the final say in any and all friendship-related topics. She spends most of her time in the anime keeping her dimwitted and immature friends in line while still encouraging and supporting them.

The joke is both truthful and wholesome. Tea's seal of approval would be a nice thing to have, even it isn't a necessity. And the fact that she is basically the group's mom means that she could give her approval to people's friendships, and no one would find it weird.

7. The Last Slice

Yugioh A meme showing Kaiba, Marilk, Yugi, and Joey at the start of a duel

Most fans agree that Battle City is the best season in the anime. It had thrilling duels and a compelling villain who, despite a disappointing ending, managed to be a serious and dangerous threat. The Battle City finals - fought in KaibaCorp Island - provided some of the series' most exciting and complex duels, including a short but entertaining four-way battle between all finalists.

Seeing Joey pull a couple of sneaky strategies on Kaiba and Marik was a delight, and the duel didn't go for too long, allowing fans to really enjoy it. This meme exaggerates the battle's stakes by translating it into an everyday situation, and the self-important faces on the characters only make it funnier.

6. Tea And The Magic Marker

Yugioh A meme showing Joey, Yugi, Tristan, and Tea joining hands

Tea is often the butt of the joke in the community. Her eager and ever-optimistic attitude, coupled with the series' over-the-top situations, ended up turning her into a perpetual cheerleader forced to witness everything from the sidelines. Thus, she - and Yugi, too, to be fair - became the symbol for the idea of friendship within the show's narrative, almost embodying the concept.

The friendship symbol remains one of the show's most cheesy moments. However, for all its heavy-handedness, it was also somewhat sweet and meaningful. Still, it's funny to mock it, and that won't change any time soon.

5. The Boys Are Back

Yugioh A meme making fun of Traistan, Kaiba, Yugi, and Joey's world saving antics

Realism isn't exactly what fans expected from Yu-Gi-Oh, but sometimes, the show did go overboard with the world-ending catastrophes.

Even so, and no matter the problem, Yugi and his friends were always there to save the day. It's funny that this merry band of high school students had to rescue the world countless times, but anime has its own rules. And for all their flaws, Yugi and his friends were always brave and selfless. Still, Kaiba really was onto something when he told them to "stop saving the world and get a hobby."

4. The Friendship Card

Yugioh A fake dueling card showing Tea with the friendship symbol in her right hand

The show often came up with wild and even implausible cards and strategies to make sure the main characters won. It was one of its charms, even if fans knew those shenanigans would never fly in a real-world duel.

This meme combines both the show's tendency to make up cards and all-powerful and seemingly unbeatable ties of friendship to create the card to beat all cards. "The Power of Friendship!" allows the user to shake hands with the opponent, and shout "The power of friendship always prevails!", thus winning the game. If the opponent refuses to shake hands, the user must then go berserk, shouting obscenities and flipping the board.

3. Mokuba's Sad Life

A meme showing Kaiba talking on the phone and Mokuba using a computer

Poor Mokuba. He isn't precisely a fan favorite, and his sole role on the show was to act as Seto's assistant and cheerleader. In a way, he was to Kaiba what Tea was to Yugi, but with even less character development.

The show never bothers to give Mokuba any interests outside of his role as Kaiba's second. And even though being VP of a company as KaibaCorp sounds idyllic, it's undeniable that Mokuba is a one-note character subjected to Seto's will. This meme understands that and makes fun of it in a manner that's both funny and slightly cruel.

2. She Is Always Right There When He Needs Her

Yugioh cheerleader meme

And speaking of Tea, this meme reinforces the idea that she was Yugi's personal cheerleader. Tea wasn't much of a duellist, but she did win every duel she ever had in the anime, which is more than impressive.

It would've been a welcome change if the show had explored this competitive side of Tea's personality. Alas, it didn't happen, and she got stuck with the role of Yugi's loyal and irreplaceable companion. Still, her contributions to Yugi's journey often go unnoticed. Without her, little Yugi would've never defeated Atem in the final duel, and that's worth more than anyone realizes.

1. A Sincere Bond

Yugioh A meme showing all four main characters of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Even with all the jokes, Yu-Gi-Oh is, at its core, a story about the power and importance of friendship. The anime may be flawed and unsubtle when trying to prove it, but the point remains nonetheless. Yugi is indeed a gifted duelist who deserves his title as the King of Games, but it's undeniable that he owes a lot of his success to the support and loyalty of his friends.

The show ends with Yugi, Joey, Tristan, and Tea walking to school, ready to lead quiet lives after their world-saving chaos of the last couple of years. But they are still together and will probably stay together for the rest of their lives. And that's a pretty wholesome way to end the show.


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