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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links: Woodland Sprite Ban? Konami Responds

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links: Woodland Sprite Ban? Konami Responds

Ever since Konami released the Primal Burst set for Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, players have voiced their displeasure for certain cards that have plagued PVP ranked duels. Today, Konami finally responded to the community.

Duel Links players can log-in to the game and a notification will appear in the daily news tab. In this tab an update appears, related to the upcoming Forbidden/Limited list scheduled to take place right before the next KC Cup in February. In the update, Konami says it has heard the community and limit Woodland Sprite in the new Forbidden/Limited list.

Here’s what Konami had to say:

“Currently we are receiving a lot of feedback on duels against a deck using Woodland Sprite. In order to maintain a game balance and considering the KC Cup in February, we may update the Forbidden/Limited list based on our current PVP duel data. We will keep players updated on how we address this concern in further notifications.”  

The Primal Burst box contained three cards in the Bamboo Sword set: Bamboo Sword, Cursed Sword of Bamboo and Golden Bamboo Sword. When played together,  duelists can run through their decks quickly to pull Exodia easier. Other duelists have used this combo in conjunction with Woodland Sprite.  Woodland Sprite’s ability allows it to destroy a spell card equipped to it to deal 500 points of damage. This effect can be used an infinite number of times per turn, and players have exploited the three Bamboo Sword cards to get enough equips into their hand to take out their opponent’s 4000 lifepoints in one turn.

How will Konami deal with the Woodland Sprite decks? Will it be enough to limit it to one or two, or will it need to be banned altogether? It’s hard to say, but Konami will have a few weeks to decide before the KC Cup begins.

So what do you think of Konami’s statement? What do you think they should do with Woodland Sprite or with the Bamboo Sword cards? Sound off in the comments section below.


Source: Reddit 

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