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Yu-Gi-Oh Just Revealed The Series' Best Collectible Figure Yet

Unlike its "cousin" Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh! decided to do things a little different when it came to the anime that follows duelists attempting to become the best in the world.

With the pocket monster series deciding to keep its camera focused directly on Ash Ketchum, the card dueling anime instead swaps protagonists and worlds with each new story installment. While the first season introduced us to the world of Yugi Moto as he wrestled with fellow duelists and ancient Egyptian curses, the follow up to this shook things up by focusing instead on academies that taught students how to duel!

Twitter User AmiAmiEnglish shared this amazing figurine that brings to life the rival to the protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX with the "full of himself" Chazz Princeton receiving one of the most gorgeous dueling monster models that we've seen to date from the popular franchise:

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