One of the most beloved characters in the entire Yu-Gi-Oh! anime is without a doubt Kaiba. Despite the attitude on the man, fans love him, and there's quite a few reasons for that. One of those is his deck.

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Kaiba has a hugely powerful deck that has popularized some of the most iconic monsters in the entire franchise. And just about all of them are just the coolest. The man loves his dragons, when are dragons not cool? The following monsters are in no particular order.

10. Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Yugioh! Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Blue-Eyes White Dragon is the classic, the blueprint. No one is touching Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Blue-Eyes White Dragon is the most iconic monster in the entire franchise next to Dark Magician. It's a fearsome creature that will take down all that oppose it with one fatal swoop. While Blue-Eyes White Dragon is great, it by far isn't the most upgraded version of the creature on the list.

9. Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon Yu-Gi-Oh

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon is the original upgrade to the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, and it's even more of a force to be reckoned with than the basic version. Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon is about as standard of an upgrade that you can get, it's the same dragon with three heads. Other than that, it's basically the same as Blue-Eyes White Dragon, just a little bit stronger overall.

8. Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy Of The End

.Chaos Emperor Dragon Yugioh!

Chaos Emperor Dragon made in appearance in the KC Grand Championship arc of the series, and it was a moment. It was summoned during Kaiba's duel with Zigfried to absolutely obliterate him, which is exactly what it did.

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While it never made another appearance in the show again, it certainly left its mark with this duel. This legendary monster is really just one of the coolest.

7. XYZ-Dragon Cannon

XYZ-Dragon Cannon Yu-Gi-Oh!

XYZ-Dragon Cannon is the combined version of X-Head Cannon, Y-Dragon Head and Z-Metal Tank, and it is a force. It combines three monsters that are all pretty cool on their own into one unstoppable force, with power radiating off of it from all sides. XYZ-Dragon Cannon showed up several times throughout the show, and every time it appeared, it came with a bang in the most literal way.

6. Kaiser Sea Horse

Yugioh! Kaiser Sea Horse

Kaiser Sea Horse made a few appearances throughout the show, with a notable appearance as Kaiba's Deck Master during one of his duels in the Virtual World. Kaiser Sea Horse is without a doubt the coolest version of a sea horse, point blank period. Its massive size and dark color scheme really help to make it stand out among the sea of dragon monsters in Kaiba's deck as something that is very unique.

5. The Fang Of Critias

The-Fang-Of-Critias Yugioh!

The Fang Of Critias is the card that Kaiba was gifted during the Waking the Dragons arc of the show in order to take on Dartz and The Seal of Orichalcos. It has the power to combine with any of Kaiba's trap cards to form, of course, a powerful dragon monster.

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While viewers obviously didn't get to see Critias on its own often because it was most often fused with other monsters, it's still a pretty cool one in its own right. And it always looks super powerful when combined with various trap cards.

4. Obelisk The Tormentor

Obelisk The Tormentor  Yu-Gi-Oh!

Obelisk the Tormentor is of course one of Kaiba's coolest monsters, it's an Egyptian God card! Obelisk the Tormentor has its fists of fury that allow it to smash through anything with ease. It isn't the most powerful of the Egyptian God cards (that title belongs to The Winged Dragon of Ra), but its power is still immeasurable, making it one of Kaiba's coolest monsters with ease. Marik's got nothing on him.

3. Peten The Dark Clown

Peten the Dark Clown Yu-Gi-Oh!

Peten the Dark Clown was basically the Saggi the Dark Clown of Kaiba's deck during the Pyramid of Light movie, and it was hardcore. It straight up teleported behind Yugi and stabbed him in the back with a knife. Like, what? That's hardcore. Peten the Dark Clown might not necessarily be the standard definition of cool that most would go with, but it certainly fits the bill.

2. Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon

Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon Yugioh!

Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon can really just be described as Blue-Eyes White Dragon on steroids and it would be a totally correct statement. It's a Blue-Eyes in ultimate form with all sorts of new effects, higher attack points, and a brand-new level when it comes to design. Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon is easily one of the coolest forms of Blue-Eyes White Dragon in the game, and there are plenty of versions of the iconic creature.

1. Deep-Eyes White Dragon

Deep-Eyes White Dragon Yu-Gi-Oh!

And finally, there is Deep-Eyes White Dragon, yet another form of Blue-Eyes that is both super cool and super stunning, all at the same time. The dragon has a ton of flair to it that the original creature simply doesn't have. Deep-Eyes White Dragon has a presence that simply cannot be ignored. When this creature enters the field, it will be noticed. Whether it's for its powerful effects or striking appearance, Deep-Eyes White Dragon is an unforgettable creature through and through.