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Yu-Gi-Oh!: The 10 Best "HERO" Fusion Monsters, Ranked

Yu-Gi-Oh!: The 10 Best "HERO" Fusion Monsters, Ranked

There are many powerful "HERO" Fusion Monsters to be utilized in Yu-Gi-Oh!, but these are the best of them.

"HERO" Monsters have gotten perhaps the highest amount of support out of any other Archetype, even more so than the likes of "Dark Magician" and "Blue-Eyes." The "HERO" Archetype is one of the oldest ones in Yu-Gi-Oh!. 

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Released during the widely popular GX era, "HEROs" got an extra boost of love thanks to being the deck of the protagonist of that anime. Over time, variations of "HEROs" have come into the game, such as "Masked" and "Vision." "HEROs" are a Fusion-heavy deck, and as such many powerful "HERO" cards are Fusion Monsters. "HEROs" have access to both Contact Fusion and traditional Fusion, giving a wide variety of Summoning Conditions.

10. Evil HERO Wild Cyclone

Yugioh evil hero wild cyclone art and text

"Evil HERO Wild Cyclone" is an "Evil HERO" that requires "Dark Fusion" to be used to Summon it. The card is relatively basic, preventing Spell or Trap cards from being activated by the opponent when it attacks. While this effect isn't special by any means, the other effect is the much better one. When "Evil HERO Wild Cyclone" inflicts battle damage to the opponent, it can destroy every face-down Spell and Trap card the opponent controls. Being able to wipe the entire backrow of an opponent is an incredibly powerful effect, and makes "Evil HERO Wild Cyclone" especially good against Spell and Trap heavy control decks.

9. Elemental HERO Plasma Vice

Yugioh elemental hero plasma vice art and text

"Elemental HERO Plasma Vice" can only be Special Summoned by Fusion Summoning. However, despite this restriction, it is still a solid "HERO" Fusion Monster. If it attacks a Defense Position Monster, it will inflict piercing damage to it. With a respectable 2600 attack, this can leave a sizeable dent in the opponent's Life Points.

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The more powerful effect of "Elemental HERO Plasma Vice" is its ability to discard a card and target an Attack Position Monster the opponent controls and destroys it. There are no real restrictions to this effect, making it great for removing monsters such as Link Monsters.

8. Elemental HERO Core

Yugioh elemental hero core art and text

All "Elemental Hero Core" requires to be Summoned is Fusing any three "Elemental HERO" Monsters. Once on the field, when it gets targetted for an attack, it can double its own attack points until the end of the Damage Step. At the end of the Battle Phase, if "Elemental HERO Core" battled, it can target a monster on the field and destroy it. If "Elemental HERO Core" gets destroyed by any means, then it can Special Summon any Level 8 or lower "Elemental HERO" Fusion Monster that's in the Graveyard, while ignoring any of its Summoning Conditions.

7. Masked HERO Anki

Yugioh masked hero anki art and text

One of the best "HERO" cards in Duel Links, "Masked HERO Anki" is one of the best "HERO" Fusion Monsters in general. It can only be Summoned with "Mask Change," and can attack the opponent directly at the cost of any damage inflicted being cut in half. If it destroys an opponent's monster by battle, "Masked HERO Anki" can search out a copy of any "Change" Quick-Play Spell Card from the deck and add it to the hand. This means that it can tag out after attacking, making "Masked HERO Anki" a fantastic monster for "HERO" decks to utilize when trying to finish off the opponent.

6. Elemental HERO Nebula Neos

Yugioh elemental hero nebula neos art and text

"Elemental HERO Nebula Neos" is a three-way Contact Fusion Monster. When it is Special Summoned from the extra deck, "Elemental HERO Nebula Neos" allows its controller to draw cards equal to the number of cards the opponent controls and then negate the effect of a face-up card on the field until the end of that turn.

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This can build back fantastic card advantage after going through the resources to Summon it. During the End Phase, it returns to the extra deck and causes all cards on the field to be Banished face-down. This is the best form of removal possible, and if not negated can very easily swing the course of a Duel in the player's favor.

5. Destiny HERO - Dystopia

Yugioh destiny hero dystopia art and text

"Destiny HERO - Dystopia" is a fairly simple card. When it's Special Summoned, it can target a Level 4 or lower "Destiny HERO" Monster in the Graveyard and inflict direct damage to the opponent's Life Points equal to that monster's attack. Many "Destiny HERO" Monsters have high attack, allowing for potentially devastating Burn Damage. It has an extra effect if it has attack that is different from its original attack. This will allow it to target any one card on the field and destroy it. If this effect is used, then "Destiny HERO - Dystopia's" attack returns to normal.

4. Elemental HERO Absolute Zero

Yugioh elemental hero absolute zero art and text

"Elemental HERO Absolute Zero" is a powerful, easy to Summon "HERO" Fusion Monsters that's essentially a timebomb. On the field, it gains 500 attack for every monster on the field except itself. However, once it leaves the field, it can destroy all monsters the opponent controls. What makes this so good is this effect can be done if it leaves the field by any means. With Link Summoning in the game, this makes it incredibly easy to activate this effect. It doesn't affect your own field at all either, so it forces the opponent to use a negate, or lose their entire board of monsters.

3. Masked HERO Dark Law

Yugioh masked hero dark law art and text

"Masked HERO Dark Law" is an incredibly powerful Floodgate Monster. It must be Summoned by "Mask Change," and once on the field as a plethora of powerful effects. For starters, any card sent to the opponent's Graveyard is banished instead. 

This alone would make "Masked HERO Dark Law" incredible, but it comes with an extra effect. This forces the opponent to banish a random card from their hand the first time they add a card from their deck to their hand each turn. This can completely shut down many decks, as plenty require both their Graveyard and searches to function.

2. Evil HERO Malicious Bane

Yugioh evil hero malicious bane art and text

The most powerful "Evil HERO," "Evil HERO Malicious Bane" is the main Boss Monster of the "HERO" Archetype. It must be Special Summoned with "Dark Fusion," and cannot be destroyed by battle or card effects. During the Main Phase, "Evil HERO Malicious Bane" can destroy all monsters the opponent controls with attack less than or equal to its own. With an incredible 3000 attack Points, this more often than not leads to a field wipe. Not only that but "Evil HERO Malicious Bane" permanently gains 200 attack for each monster destroyed by this effect.

1. Rainbow Neos

Yugioh rainbow neos art and text

The most powerful "Neos" Monster by a mile, "Rainbow Neos" is also the best "HERO" Fusion Monster, even if it doesn't have "HERO" in the name. It's a fusion of "Elemental HERO Neos" and any "Ultimate Cyrstal" Monster. Once on the field, it has three incredibly powerful effects it can use. One is to send a monster the player controls to the Graveyard to shuffle all of the opponent's monsters into the deck. The second is to send a Spell and Trap Card to do the same to those on the opponent's field. Lastly, it can send the top card of the deck to the Graveyard to shuffle the entire opponent's Graveyard into the deck.


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