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Yu-Gi-Oh: The Best and Rarest Cards from 'Ghosts from the Past'

Yu-Gi-Oh: The Best and Rarest Cards from 'Ghosts from the Past'

The recent Yu-Gi-Oh TCG expansion ‘Ghosts from the Past’ not only returns classic characters and strategies, but it includes more stunning artwork and some extremely rare cards with a haunting design.

Ghosts from the Past is a 132-card set, including 45 new cards, 87 returning cards and 5 Ghost Rares.

The set also features nine themes from the past, featuring different strategies like Dragunity and Cipher, with an additional two new themes: the ‘Sunavalon’ strategy and another original strategy.


All Yu-Gi-Oh card art is relentlessly impressive, but adding to the collection of bundled set strategies are more striking designs.

Nekroz of Areadbhair

Yu-Gi-Oh Ghost from the Past Nekroz of Areadbhair

This water warrior has a pleasing blue frame highlighting the swirling mass of fire tones surrounding the warrior. The character’s design is a multi-winged spectacle to observe.

Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Blade Dragon

Yu-Gi-Oh Ghost from the Past  Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Blade Dragon

The rainbow palette surrounding the dragon offers luminous tones and exquisite detail in the design, giving us galaxy eyes just by looking at it.

Danger! Thunderbird!

Yu-Gi-Oh Ghost from the Past Danger! Thunderbird!

The defining line work and bold colors offer a classic design for the Thunderbird, with a strong pose as it swoops down to the battlefield.

Meteor Black Comet Dragon

Yu-Gi-Oh Ghost from the Past Meteor Black Comet Dragon

The striking orange tones surrounding the dragon are particularly eye-catching, reminiscent of the powerful presence of Bahamut from the Final Fantasy series.

Orcustrated Return

Yu-Gi-Oh Ghost from the Past Orcustrated Return

This spell card offers a cyberpunk design filled with blue neon and an intriguing character sketched in the foreground.


The rarest cards from Ghosts from the Past is, of course, all of the Ghost Rares: Firewall Dragon, Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon, Black Luster Soldier – Soldier of Chaos, Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon, and Dark Magician.

All market prices are estimated by TCGplayer.

Yu-Gi-Oh Ghost from the Past Firewall Dragon and Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon

The Firewall Dragon is sitting around $196.76, while the Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon is at $260.70

Yu-Gi-Oh Ghost from the Past  Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon and Black Luster Soldier

The Black Luster Soldier is a lot higher sitting at around $351.07, with the Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon beating it slightly at $397.52.

Yu-Gi-Oh Ghost from the Past  Dark Magician

The OG Dark Magician is by far the rarest of the set, sitting at around $776.53, sporting the faded design that perfectly sums up the set’s theme.


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