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'Yu-Gi-Oh!' VR Fan-Game Takes Gamers Inside The Duel

'Yu-Gi-Oh!' VR Fan-Game Takes Gamers Inside The Duel

Let’s be honest, Yu-Gi-Oh! fans. If you had the chance to step into a real Duel Monsters match, you would jump at it. Over the years, guys like Yugi and Joey showed fans the heart of the cards, and audiences have wanted to tap into that power ever since. And, thanks to one tech-loving fan, that dream could become a reality one day.

After all, if a fan can make a sweet virtual reality game based on Duel Monsters, then there is no reason a fully funded studio could not do the same.

Over on Youtube, a developer named Joseph Min shared a look at a Yu-Gi-Oh! project he is working on. The VR game may be in its early stages, but it allows fans a full look inside the virtual world of Duel Monsters. So, you won’t need any holograms to duel with Kaiba if you were using this app.

The first-look video can be found above, and it shows Min playing a tutorial match against Seto Kaiba. The game is first-person, and it adds some interactive levels to its Duel Disk. After pulling your hand from the deck, the gamer must flip the cards appropriately to put them in play, and the VR game does use animated sequences when each duelist begins to battle.

Just looking at the trailer, you would not take a full energy blast from Kaiba’s Blue-Eyes White Dragon without flinching at least once.

According to Min, the game is just one he’s been working on for fun, and he has spent about 100 hours putting it together. Of course, the title hasn’t gotten any approval from Konami, so there is little chance the game can move forward under any official umbrella. However, the fan-game does give fans a glimpse into how gaming will go in the future, and Yu-Gi-Oh! fans will definitely benefit from the tech boom once it arrives.

Source: Comicbook

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