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Yu-Gi-Oh!: Why the Blue-Eyes Alternative Ultimate Dragon Card Is So Powerful

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Why the Blue-Eyes Alternative Ultimate Dragon Card Is So Powerful

The powerful Blue-Eyes Alternative Ultimate Dragon card makes up for all of the drawbacks of its regular originator.

As the Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game continues to evolve, Konami has made sure to keep some of the franchise’s older monsters viable in play by releasing updated versions of the beloved originals. The Blue-Eyes White Dragon is one of the most recent original powerhouses to receive a much-needed update with the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

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 While this dragon’s 4500 ATK and 3800 DEF stats are nothing to scoff at, it is still easy to defeat in battle due to the fact that it has no protection from card effects. This means that even one of the weakest monsters in the game could send one of the strongest monsters in the game to the graveyard with the right effect. The Blue-Eyes archetype has gotten some support as of late, but there is no way around its huge vulnerability. Sacrificing three Blue-Eyes White Dragons for one monster that could easily be dealt with through the use of effects, traps, and spells would normally not be worth it considering that the combined attack of only two Blue-Eyes trumps the attack of one Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

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Add in the third Blue-Eyes that you have to send to the graveyard in order to fusion-summon the heaviest Blue-Eyes hitter, and that's 9000 attack points gone down the drain for a monster that's attack power is half of that and also has no effective protection for itself.

Yugioh Kaiba Blue Eyes White Dragon

Thankfully, that is no longer the case as the new Blue-Eyes Alternative Ultimate Dragon covers all of these angles of the game, making it virtually an unstoppable beast of destruction. Released in August 2019's Gold Sarcophagus Tin, this mammoth of a monster boasts the same staggering 4500 ATK and 3800 DEF stats as its counterpart, but it also has a set of devastating effects that catapult into contention for being one of the best cards in the game. The effects that this card holds are borderline overpowered and summoning it could easily turn the tides of the battle for the duelists that can call it to the field of play.

Traps, spells and monster effects are all null and void as this monster effectively cancels all attempts to destroy it outside of battle, meaning that your opponent would have to defeat it in a battle of strength vs strength. That is no easy feat, as there are very few monsters in the game that have as high an attack stat as this three-headed terror. The Blue-Eyes archetype has some of the best support across all of Duel Monsters, but even without those cards, this monster can still stand on its own. That is what makes it so much more dangerous than its predecessor.

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Once per turn, this card allows you to target one card your opponent controls and destroy it. This effect does not only apply to monster cards so players can halt their opponent’s combos by sending their magic and trap cards to the graveyard, leaving their monsters with no protection from this dragon’s onslaught. To make matters worse, if a player fusion summons this card using three Blue-Eyes Alternative Dragons, they can instead select up to three cards their opponent controls and destroy them, making this card vastly overpowered and deadly to face in battle. The only drawback to using this effect is that this monster cannot attack the turn that this effect is activated, but that effect does not apply to the other monsters that may be in play. This card can clear the field for allies, meaning they can attack without worrying about traps, spells or effects that may otherwise be troublesome.

Yugioh Kaiba's 3 Blue Eyes White Dragons

The Blue-Eyes archetype is effectively complete with the addition of its new "boss" monster and can now compete with any deck in Duel Monsters. The Blue-Eyes Alternative Ultimate Dragon is a monster that was designed to wreak havoc across the world of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game and players expect it to do just that with its high attack stat and crippling effects.


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