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Yugioh Youtube Updates : 2017-07-20

Yugioh Youtube Updates : 2017-07-20

So here are a few videos I thought were interesting about the recent updates to the card game regarding the new link rules, the current atmosphere of cheap cards, the nature of the ban list and its inevitable rejoice and outrage, and a quick video about the full card list from the Code of the Duelist boosters. Check em out if you're interested. :)

Are you readily invested for Links!?

As Cimo points out, we’re in a period right now where prices are very low, with regionals and the like pretty much over. So now’s the best time to buy any cards you might need, especially with the upcoming “format.” Ignoring Zoodiac, as it’s still $$ atm, Cimo lists a bunch of possible inexpensive yet viable decks, such as Dinosaurs, ABC, and Windwithces.

Official Rules Update Video 

Well, looks like the official yugioh YT channel released two videos explaining the “new era” of yugioh, one shorter and more straight to the point, and the other with a live person explaining it. For those who have been voluntarily ignoring the new rules until now, you can finally find out about them here. Learn all about the new link summoning mechanics. J

Discussion on whether should more Cards Be Banned or Unbanned?

Team APS discusses the nature of the ban list, and what cards should/n’t be banned. Broadbull & Drident obviously should take a hit, right? Maybe that’s just me. Free ma Stratos? JK, never played Stratos. Anyway, he also talks about hypocrisies and the cycling of cards going on and off the ban list. Pretty interesting stuff.

Code of the Duelist, Full card list

Quick video on the full spoiler card list of the new boosters. See Glasgow’s brief opinion on it. 

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