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Yu-Gi-Oh: 10 Bootleg Cards That Should Be Sent To The Shadow Realm

Yu-Gi-Oh: 10 Bootleg Cards That Should Be Sent To The Shadow Realm

Yu-Gi-Oh TCG is all about finding & collecting the best cards, but these bootleg cards are as bad as they are hilarious.

Recently, an increasing number of people have been noticing that the Yu-Gi-Oh! cards that they had purchased years ago are actually bootleg products. These products were a cheaper alternative to the legitimate thing, and sometimes it is easy for someone new to the game to mistake a fake card for a real one.

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However, there are many cards that put little to no effort into hiding the fact that they are ripoffs of real cards that exist. In many cases, the card names and descriptions do not match the card image at all, or even worse, the cards utilize bad English.

10. Armaill Has No Hands Or Tail To Wield Blades

Yugioh A Star without the limbs the description claims it has

Armaill, posted by Reddit user u/Croborn, depicts a yellow star that only has a face and feet. However, the description states that this warrior controls three blades with two hands and a tail. This star has no hands or tail to carry anything with, and is instead surrounded by smaller stars and rainbows. The picture does not match the text at all, betraying just how little effort was put into creating this card. The only part of the description that matches the image is the fact that it is "strange."

9. Beaver Warrior

Yugioh A dinosaur named after a beaver

If Armaill wasn't inaccurate enough, u/Croborn posted a picture of another card, the poorly named Beaver Warrior. The art is of a blue dinosaur, and although it's impossible to tell whether it is in a prairie or not due to the blurred background, the creature is certainly not lacking in size like the description claims. The level of the card is also extreme, making Beaver Warrior stronger than the Egyptian God cards, which were notorious in the anime for being some of the strongest cards in the game.

8. Endless Dragon With Blue Eyes

Yugioh Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon Bootleg

Even worse than the typo in the card's name is the fact that this bootleg was trying to mimic one of the most well known cards in the game. Seto Kaiba would come nowhere near this card, but if he did, he would probably destroy it the same way he destroyed the Blue Eyes White Dragon card that Yugi's grandfather owned.

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Although this card does look similar to the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon card, the only way that this would fool someone is if they did not read the text.

7. Dog Sufferer Can Live With Different Troubles

Yugioh Dog version of Naruto On a Yugioh Card

Dog Sufferer, found by Tumblr user caneton, depicts what Naruto would look like if he was a dog. Like most bootlegs, it gives itself away with terrible grammar. The card states that the Dog Sufferer can live with different troubles. It's unclear what this means, but the card seems to imply that this dog is capable of changing itself into a human. It doesn't make sense why suffering would turn a dog into a human, but at least the picture matches the description this time.

6. Super-Sonic Duck Always Be Out Of Control

Yugioh Super sonic duck bootleg card

Super-Sonic Duck, posted by Tumblr user digestedtree, is one of the funniest bootlegs on this list. It describes a duck that travels at high velocities, going so fast that it can't control itself anymore. This, accompanied by the image of a goofy green duck with a scarf and a bucket on its head, creates a hilarious mental image of this duck quickly waddling on legs that are practically sticks. This bootleg seemed to have gone the extra mile by adding a holographic effect to the card, which children love to look at.

5. Bekas With Incoherent Text

Yugioh Maximillion Pegasus on a bootleg card

It's unclear what Bekas means, but this card found by @JefferyMetalgts seems to have Maximillion Pegasus rather than the typical monster found on these cards. Although the text is difficult to decipher, it appears to be saying that by giving up 1000 life points, a player can choose any card from the deck. The text after that is completely incoherent, leaving the card's true use a mystery to the players. However, most people probably wouldn't allow someone to casually pull out a confusing card like this in the middle of a game.

4. Black Cows Magician Instead Of Magician Of Black Chaos

Yugioh Incorrectly named Magician card

This card, discovered by Twitter user @MetalFireVA, has a strange fixation on cows. The card art depicts nothing remotely dairy-related, and although the alleged magician is dressed in black, he appears to have no relation to cows.

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The description does not provide any answers to the questions raised by the card's name. Instead, it casually tells viewers that cows apparently have performed a ceremony, using black magic. There is no need to worry about seeing this card in play, as the requirements to summon it are impossible to understand.

3. It Is A Huge Scorpion With Evil Soul

Yugioh A cube with wings

Twitter user @prismaeya found a card with a name so long that it barely fits in the text box. It states that the simple cube with stubby arms and legs is in fact, a scorpion. The name also tells viewers that it has an evil soul. However, the art does not seem to imply this, as the cube seems to be in heaven, sporting angel wings and looking rather confused. The card insists that this monster has "tremendous potentials," but unfortunately, the card boasts a meager 300 attack and 100 defense.

2. Magic Dragon With Wings God Card

Yugioh A bootleg posing as a god card

The first thing that someone might notice is that the card either calls itself a goo card, or a god card. The card goes on to mention some kind of singing fairy, before boasting about the dragon's sheer power, whose attack and defense are replaced with question marks. This would leave players wondering how damage against life points or other monsters would be calculated. The card doesn't seem to care about numbers, stating that the dragon is so strong, that not even ghosts would survive against it.

1. Dark Avocado Magician Toy & Card Set

Dark Magician toy with bootleg cards

The packaging may claim that this toy set is smart, but the Dark Magician toy looks anything but smart. The colors of the outfit are completely wrong, and his staff looks more like an avocado on a stick. The cards are also clear bootlegs, thanks to the way they are incorrectly formatted, as well as the fact that the words "Dark Magician" are nowhere to be seen. Getting a toy and two cards may seem like a good deal at first, but the contents are so fake that it's not worth purchasing this Dark Avocado Magician.


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