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Yu-Gi-Oh!: 10 Cards You Forgot Joey Had

Yu-Gi-Oh!: 10 Cards You Forgot Joey Had

One of the most prolific duelists in Yu-Gi-Oh! history is Joey Wheeler. Behind Yugi, Kaiba and he are the most often seen dueling on-screen, usually winning, too. Because Joey has so many duels in the series, it makes sense that his deck changed a lot over the course of five seasons.

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As such, there are quite a few cards that Joey used that fans might have forgot he had. Whether he didn't use them often or they are cards that didn't make much of an impact, there are plenty of examples.

10. Hinotama

Yugioh Joey vs Marik

While Joey was under the mind control of Marik, his deck was beefed up with a few additional cards that he had never used before. This included Hinotama, a magic card that inflicts 500 points of damage directly to the opponent.

Joey actually had three copies of this card in his deck during the duel, which proved to be a massive hit to Yugi that nearly wiped him out for good. He never used this card after this duel.

9. Big Bang Dragon Blow

Yugioh Valon and Joey duel Yu-Gi-Oh!

During Joey's absolutely wild and, frankly stupid, armor battle with Valon, he combined Hermos with Big Bang Blow to form Big Bang Dragon Blow. This card allowed Joey to tribute one dragon in order to destroy every monster on the opponent's side of the field. In addition, the combined attack points are taken out of the opponent's life points.

As Joey only used this once and it is barely considered a card (more like an armor move), fans might have forgotten about it.

8. Red-Eyes Transmigration

Yugioh Red-Eyes Transmigration

Red-Eyes Transmigration is the card that originally gives Joey his armor, as this card sacrifices a Red-Eyes Black Dragon in order to summon Lord of Red, which is the armor that Joey wears.

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The armor itself doesn't have a clear effect due to how it is used in the anime, but it does look interesting.

7. Star Blaster

Yu-Gi-Oh Joey Yugi Tea

Star Blaster is one of many dice-themed cards that Joey uses throughout his time on the show, though far less than his others. The card allows the player to increase the level of a monster on the field according to the dice roll, and then it can be sacrificed to summon a monster from their hand that equals that level.

Part of the reason Joey didn't use this card often is that it is very situational.

6. Blue Flame Swordsman

Yugioh Blue Flame Swordsman in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Blue Flame Swordsman was created as the real-life version of how Flame Swordsman is used in the anime. It's an effect monster that has the power to transfer attack points to other warriors that Flame Swordsman did as a Deck Master.

Joey didn't use this card all that often simply due to the fact that Flame Swordsman was his pick more often than not.

5. Sasuke Samurai

Yu-Gi-Oh! Joey Wheeler in the courtroom

Sasuke Samurai is a card that Joey only used once, during his duel with Zigfried in the Grand Championship arc of the series.

The card is a very simple effect monster that can destroy any face-down monster without it being flipped or its effect being activated, which is useful as it only has 500 attack points.

4. Cyber Harpie

Yugioh Cyber Harpie

Cyber Harpie Lady is a card that is known for being used by Mai Valentine, but Joey actually did have it in his deck for one arc of the series, the Virtual World.

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Joey used this card as a tribute to Mai while she was still in the Shadow Realm due to her duel with Marik. Players might forget that he used the card because it was only used briefly and is more remembered as Mai's monster than Joey's.

3. Lava & Swamp Battleguards

Yugioh Lava & Swamp Battleguards

Lava and Swamp Battleguards are two cards that power one another up when they're on the field together. More importantly, though, they represent Joey and Tristan, who are best friends.

Tristan gave Joey his Lava Battleguard to use in Duelist Kingdom, as Joey already had Swamp Battleguard in his deck. Nevertheless, these cards weren't used all that often.

2. Roulette Spider

Yugioh Roulette Spider

In the real-life card game this really just involves a dice roll, but in the anime, it was a whole event. The monster with the highest attack is placed in the center of the field and is spun around, and then it attacks the monster it points at.

Joey only used this card in his duel with Espa Roba that he won in Battle City. It also earned him the Jinzo card to put in his own deck.

1. The Fiend Megacyber

Yugioh Joey Wheeler Pointy Chin Yu-Gi-Oh

The Fiend Megacyber is a card that Joey used during the Waking the Dragons arc. The card can be summoned without tributes if the opponent has two more monsters than the player on their side of the field.

As the card is a 6-star monster with 2200 attack points, it is a great monster to have on your side in a pinch, which is why Joey had it in his deck, though he didn't use it all that often.


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