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Yu-Gi-Oh!: 10 Cards You Forgot Kaiba Had

Yu-Gi-Oh!: 10 Cards You Forgot Kaiba Had

With so many decks, Yu-Gi-Oh! fans might have forgotten quite a few cards that Kaiba has used in the past.

As one of the most prominent and powerful duelists in all of Yu-Gi-Oh! history, Kaiba's mark on the anime series is unparalleled. Save for Yugi, he is one of the duelists we most often watch in battles. With that in mind, it makes sense that Kaiba has used a lot of different decks in his time.

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With so many decks, it also makes sense that fans might have forgotten quite a few cards that Kaiba has used in the past for various different reasons.

10. Peten The Dark Clown

Yugioh Kaiba end of Dark Side of Dimensions Yu-Gi-Oh

While Kaiba most-often used Saggi the Dark Clown to activate Crush Card, in the Pyramid of Light movie, he some reason used Peten the Dark Clown, and that was the only time that he was ever the card. It was a much more violent version of Saggi that actually wielded a knife and literally stabbed Yugi, so that's a nice little memory that anyone who has seen the movie probably remembers fondly.

9. Flat Lv 4

Yugioh Zigfried being laughed at by Kaiba in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Kaiba only dueled once in the Grand Championship arc, against Zigfried. As such, fans might have forgotten some of the cards that he used in the duel. This includes Flat Lv 4, a trap card. Flat Lv 4 can be used when either player's monster is destroyed. Both duelists can then summon a level four monster to their side of the field, which is a very powerful effect no matter the situation.

8. Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon

Yugoh. Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon Yu-Gi-Oh!

Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon is a variant of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon that Kaiba only used once, also in the Pyramid of Light movie. The card was won by Kaiba from Pegasus as the card that would be able to defeat the God Cards.

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However, the Pyramid of Light card was also slipped into Pegasus's deck in order to trick Kaiba into playing it. It's a shame that viewers never got to see Kaiba use this card again, as it was very interesting and underutilized.

7. Magical Trick Mirror

Yugioh Zigfried using his Goddess card against Kaiba in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Magical Trick Mirror is another card that Kaiba used in his duel against Zigfried in their duel during the Grand Championship arc. Kaiba used the card, which allows the player to use a spell card from their opponent's graveyard when they're attacked, to copy Zigfried's Mischief of the Time Goddess, which allowed Kaiba to skip Zigfried's battle phase and go straight into his next turn, which saved him from destruction.

6. Spirit Ryu

YuGiOh Seto Kaiba

Spirit Ryu was used famously by Yugi to win a duel with an amateur's deck in dire straits, but Kaiba actually used this card at one point, too. Kaiba used this card during the Virtual World arc. He used it in his duel that he won against Leichter of the Big Five, but that was the last that fans ever saw of this card. In reality, it isn't that great of a card and really doesn't flow well with Kaiba's deck save for being a dragon.

5. Judge Man

Yugioh Judge Man

Back in season one when tributes weren't required to summon strong monsters, Kaiba played Judge Man in his deck, even if it was a card that he didn't use all that often.

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The card actually did make an appearance once more during the Waking the Dragons arc. Despite being in two versions of Kaiba's deck, it was never a monster that was used very often, only making a few appearances.

4. Cyber Jar

Yugioh Seto Kaiba Mokuba

Cyber Jar was a card that was used by Kaiba in the Virtual World arc of the show. Oddly enough though, this card was played by Yugi, not Kaiba. It is drawn when Kaiba's deck is merged with Yugi's in order to defeat Noah. Yugi does state that this isn't his card, but rather Kaiba's. As such, fans might not even be aware that this was a card that Kaiba had at the very least intended to use at one point.

3. Quick Attack

Yugioh Quick Attack

Quick Attack is one of the strangest cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! history, because it is a card that was made up to overcome another made-up rule. In the anime, fusion monsters cannot attack the first turn that they're summoned onto the field. This card allows that rule to be bypassed. Why does this card need to exist? Why does the rule exist? No one knows.

2. Ancient Lamp

Yugioh Ancient Lamp

Ancient Lamp is another strange card in terms of how it's used in the anime. In the Duelist Kingdom arc, it is used as a trap card for some reason. While it is correctly used as a monster later on in the show, this confusion might cause some fans to not even realize which monster it is supposed to be. Either way though, it wasn't a card that Kaiba used often.

1. Paladin Of White Dragon

Yugioh Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon in Dark Side of Dimensions

Paladin of White Dragon is a ritual monster that can be sacrificed in order to summon a Blue-Eyes White Dragon, so of course, Kaiba had the card in his deck. He only used it sparingly in the Waking the Dragons arc. And, of course, since it is mainly used in order to summon a Blue-Eyes onto the field, it never really got a chance to shine as its own monster. Nevertheless, it was a card that Kaiba used in his deck.


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