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Yu-Gi-Oh!: Yugi's 10 Most Used Trap Cards

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Yugi's 10 Most Used Trap Cards

The most prominent and powerful duelist in all of Yu-Gi-Oh! is hands-down Yugi Muto. Here are some trap cards he always turns to in times of trouble.

The most prominent and powerful duelist in all of Yu-Gi-Oh! is hands-down Yugi Muto. He is an expert duelist and strategist and knows how to craft incredible decks that take him to massive heights. Part of this deck crafting is knowing which monsters, spells, and traps to include in his deck.

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Yugi is smart when it comes to his trap card usage. He's used quite a few trap cards in several deck recipes throughout his career. As a note, all cards below will be based on their anime effects, which may differ from their real-world counterparts.

10. Life Shaver

YuGiOh Yami Yugi

The only one-time used trap card on this list is Life Shaver, which was used by the duelist during the Battle City arc. Once the trap card is activated, the opponent must draw one card from their hand for each turn that the card has been set.

If this card can be undetected for a few turns, it can completely derail the opponent's strategy by sending their entire hand to the graveyard.

9. Collected Power

YuGiOh Yugi Muto

Collected Power is a card that was used a few times by Yugi. It's a wildly specific card that targets one monster. Each equip card that is on the field is immediately switched to this monster.

If the card can't legally be equipped to the monster, then it is destroyed. This could technically be used to turn the opponent's equip cards against them, but cards like Mystical Space Typhoon can do this with a bit more ease.

8. Chain Destruction

Yugioh Exodia

Yugi really is the king of wildly-specific anime nonsense cards, and this includes Chain Destruction. If a monster with 2000 attack points or less is summoned, that card is not destroyed, but every other copy of the card in the deck is. Okay?

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Why this card exists is anyone's guess, but of course, it was a very useful card that Yugi used in order to save himself from certain doom on more than one occasion.

7. Dark Renewal

Yugioh Dark Magician

Dark Renewal is a card used by Yugi in both the Virtual World and Waking the Dragons arcs. The trap card, which can be activated when the opponent summons a monster, tributes that monster and one from your side of the field.

The player is then allowed to summon any spellcaster from the deck or graveyard. Tributing an opponent's monster is never a bad idea, and summoning from the deck is just as useful.

6. Magic Cylinder

Dark Magician in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Magic Cylinder has the strange addition of needing a spellcaster to be activated in the anime but is otherwise the same as its real-world counterpart. The card can be activated once the opponent declares an attack and can flip the attack back on the opponent, inflicting direct damage to them.

It's a quick way to defend against an attack and deal some damage at the same time, a good combo.

5. Dust Tornado

Yugioh Joey and Yugi

Dust Tornado is a spell and trap removal card that destroys one back row card on the opponent's side of the field. And then, the player can set a spell or trap card from their hand.

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Spell and trap removal is necessary in any deck, and the ability to set a card following this removal is another nice addition that can help speed up a trap card.

4. Soul Rope

Yugi Vs Kaiba in Battle City

Soul Rope is a common trap card used by Yugi that costs 1000 life points to be activated. When a monster of the player's side of the field is destroyed, this card can be activated by paying the aforementioned life point cost.

It allows the player to summon a level four or lower monster from the hand or deck. This is a useful card that can help get a needed level four monster onto the field quickly.

3. Spellbinding Circle

Yugi vs Marik in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Spellbinding Circle is one of Yugi's most-used trap cards. Once activated, it is equipped to one monster on the field. This monster loses 700 attack points and is completely immobilized, meaning it cannot change its battle position, nor can it attack, making it completely useless unless it is tributed.

Of course, if Spellbinding Circle is destroyed, the monster is freed from its effect.

2. Magical Hats

Magical Hats in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Despite being treated as a spell card in the anime, Magical Hats is very much so a trap card. Besides fitting Yugi's motif flawlessly, Magical Hats can be used when the player controls a Magician card.

Basically, the card allows the player to hide their monster along with a few spell and trap cards set as monsters, and they're all shuffled. Depending on which season of the anime is being discussed, if the spells and traps are targeted instead of the monster, their effects can be activated, which makes this card even better.

1. Mirror Force

Mirror Force in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Mirror Force might be the most iconic trap card in the show's history, and it is Yugi's most commonly used trap card, being present in almost every version of his deck.

The card is very simple, if a monster from the opponent's side of the field attacks, Mirror Force destroys every monster on that side of the field that is in attack mode. Short and simple, sure, but Mirror Force is a powerful card that Yugi relied on heavily throughout the series.


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