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Yu-Gi-Oh! The 10 Best Trap Hole Cards, Ranked

Yu-Gi-Oh! The 10 Best Trap Hole Cards, Ranked

Yu-Gi-Oh! features a wide array of good Trap Hole cards. Here's a look at 10 of the all-time best, ranked!

Trap Hole" is one of the most iconic Trap Cards in all of Yu-Gi-Oh! It's been a part of the game since the very first set ever released. With its iconic nature, many retreads of "Trap Hole" have come into the game, all of varying power levels.

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The Traptrix Archetype was even built around using the plethora of "Trap Hole" Traps that are in the current game. "Trap Hole" Cards are generally Normal Trap Cards (with a few exceptions), meaning they can all be used with the "Trap Trick" for easy access. With so many "Trap Holes" in the game, these are the best of the best.

10. Treacherous Trap Hole

Yugioh Treacherous Trap Hole

While "Treacherous Trap Hole" is one of the best cards in Duel Links, it's on the lower end of the best "Trap Holes" when it comes to the TCG. "Treacherous Trap Hole" requires no Trap Cards to be in the graveyard for use, meaning that it can not be used with "Trap Trick" like many of the others. However, that doesn't mean it isn't powerful. The ability to destroy two Monsters on the field is not to be understated, and if timed correctly, can force your opponent to end their turn.

9. Deep Dark Trap Hole

Yugioh Deep Dark Trap Hole

"Deep Dark Trap Hole" is a Trap that has lost some of its power with the addition of Monsters without Levels such as Xyz and Links. However, "Deep Dark Trap Hole" is still a great card, even if its activation requirement is more specific than other "Trap Holes." It can only be activated when a Level 5 or higher Effect Monster(s) is Special Summoned. It will then Banish those Monsters, one of the best kinds of removal in all of Yu-Gi-Oh! If "Deep Dark Trap Hole" goes off, odds are the opponent will struggle to recover, allowing you to take care of their Life Points on your next turn.

8. Break Off Trap Hole

Yugioh Break Off Trap Hole

"Break Off Trap Hole" is one of the most recent additions to the "Trap Hole" line-up, and also comes with a fantastic effect to counter Link Summoning. When a Monster is Link Summoned, "Break Off Trap Hole" will destroy all Monsters that aren't Linked.

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This means that any Monsters that don't have a Link Monster already pointing at them will be destroyed. While this does affect your own Field as well, "Trap Holes" are generally played in control decks, meaning that you'll likely not have any Monsters on your field to begin with.

7. Network Trap Hole

Yugioh Network Trap Hole

Yu-Gi-Oh! has so many decks that take advantage of the Graveyard, and constantly Special Summon Monsters from it. Often times they recycle the same effects to continuously build advantage. "Network Trap Hole" shuts that down quickly. When a Monster is Special Summoned from the Graveyard or Main Deck, "Network Trap Hole" can be activated and Banish the Monsters your opponent Summoned facedown. Facedown Banished cards are the hardest to get back into the game, and more often than not considered to be permanently out of the game once there. This can severely hamper your opponent's deck, leading to an easy win with good use of "Network Trap Hole."

6. Gravedigger's Trap Hole

Yugioh Gravedigger's Trap Hole

"Gravedigger's Trap Hole" is one of the most unique "Trap Holes," as its one of the only ones that don't do anything when a Monster is summoned. Instead, "Gravedigger's Trap Hole" can negate any Monster effect from the Hand, Graveyard, or Banished Zone.

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This makes it the most surefire way to negate a Monster effect, as it can negate an effect activated from anywhere in the game. It's especially powerful when paired with the "Traptrix" Archetype, as it can activate "Gravedigger's Trap Hole" from the deck giving it incredible ease of access.

5. Trap Hole

Yugioh Trap Hole

The original, "Trap Hole" is still among the best despite all the new additions to the lineup. It is somewhat weaker than others, as it can only be used when a Monster is Normal or Flipped Summoned (the latter of which is almost never used in the current game). However, the activation requirement is still incredibly easy, as so long as the Monster has 1000 or more Attack it will be destroyed. While the game is filled with Special Summoning, many decks are still reliant on their Normal Summoned, and if interrupted can shut down the turn.

4. Chaos Trap Hole

Yugioh Chaos Trap Hole

"Chaos Trap Hole" is the only card in the "Trap Hole" lineup that isn't a Normal Trap, rather, a Counter Trap. This makes it incredibly powerful, as only other Counter Traps can respond to "Chaos Trap Hole's" activation. The trade-off is it's a specific counter card. "Chaos Trap Hole" can only be used when a Light or Dark Monster is Summoned. It also requires a payment of 2000 Life Points. It will then Banish the Monsters attempted to be Summoned. This is better than other "Trap Holes" as the Monster isn't considered to be Summoned, meaning effects that activate on Summon will not be able to be triggered.

3. Floodgate Trap Hole

Yugioh Floodgate Trap Hole

"Floodgate Trap Hole" is such a good card because of how Extra Deck mechanics work. When a Monster(s) is Summoned, it will force them into face-down Defense Position and cannot be changed from that position.

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The only way to get rid of these Monsters is by Tribute Summoning (which is rare in the current game), or by using Fusing Summoning. All other Extra Deck Monsters require the Monster to be faceup to use them as material, meaning a facedown Monster is likely going to only be taking up space on the Field.

2. Time-Space Trap Hole

Yugioh Time Space Trap Hole

Yu-Gi-Oh! is all about the Extra Deck in the current metagame, with all sorts of decks taking advantage of it. This is why "Time-Space Trap Hole" is one of the best "Trap Hole" cards in the entire game. When a Monster is Special Summoned from the Hand or Extra Deck, you can activate "Time-Space Trap Hole" and shuffle those Monsters back into the deck. You do also lose 1000 Life Points for each Monster that is returned. This is more than worth it, as shuffling into the deck is the best kind of removal in the game, especially when it doesn't Target.

1. Bottomless Trap Hole

Yugioh Bottomless Trap Hole

The second oldest "Trap Hole" card, "Bottomless Trap Hole" is the best of the bunch. It can be activated with any kind of Summon from any location, so long as the Monster has 1500 or more Attack. It will then destroy and Banish the Monster(s). "Bottomless Trap Hole" is the most versatile of them all, as it is the easiest to activate and has one of the best effects. Banishing is incredibly powerful, and can completely shut down entire decks if used at the right time. All of this makes "Bottomless Trap Hole" the best "Trap Hole" card in Yu-Gi-Oh!


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