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Yu-Gi-Oh! Every Pot Spell Card, Ranked

Yu-Gi-Oh! Every Pot Spell Card, Ranked

Most of Yu-Gi-Oh's Pot Spells tend to be some of the best cards in the game, but not every Pot card is worth their spot in your deck.

Yu-Gi-Oh!'s core gameplay comes from its giant card library. Of those, Spell cards are among some of the best cards in the game, especially those with tons of versatility that can be used in any kind of Deck. These quickly become some of the most iconic cards in the series.

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One of those cards is Pot of Greed. Almost everyone knows about the card, but not many know that there have been many "Pot" Spell cards that have drawn inspiration from the iconic card. Some of these "Pot" Spell cards are fantastic and see play at the highest levels of the game. On the other hand, some of them are so bad they don't belong in any Deck at any level.

10. Pot Of Benevolence

Yugioh Pot Of Benevolence

When a card is worse than a joke card, that's how you know it's awful. Pot Of Benevolence has the effect to shuffle 2 cards between either player's Graveyard back into the Deck. Pot Of Benevolence then Banishes itself rather than going to the Graveyard. There's also a hard "Once Per Turn" restriction on it, implying you'd ever want to run this in the first place. There's almost no benefit to Pot Of Benevolence, as all it can do is shuffle cards back into the Deck. It can be good under incredibly specific circumstances, but the stars have to align for it to make any real disruption to your opponent's strategy.

9. Pot Of Generosity

Yugioh Pot of Generosity

Pot Of Generosity is one of many joke cards Yu-Gi-Oh! has released, acting like a complete counterpart to Pot of Greed right down to the name. Its effect forces its user to shuffle 2 cards from their hand into their Deck for no added effect. Pot Of Generosity has only one real use and that's to send back cards you want to have in your Deck (called Garnets). However, this does not make it worth using in the slightest, as you lose 3 cards out of your Hand in order to use and resolve it, losing way too much card advantage to make it anywhere near worth it.

8. Pot Of Dichotomy

Yugioh Pot Of Dichotomy

Pot Of Dichotomy is the first card on this list that isn't among the worst cards in the game. However, that doesn't make it very good either. The card must be activated during the start of your Main Phase 1, & requires you to shuffle 3 Monsters with different Types into the Deck in order to draw 2 cards.

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It also prevents you from entering the Battle Phase the turn it's used. It's impossible to use on your first turn since you can't load up the Graveyard

before using it until your next turn, and by then it's likely too late to make any kind of impact.

7. Pot Of Riches

Yugioh Pot Of Riches

Pot Of Riches is the least splashable card in the "Pot" line-up, as only Pendulum Decks can utilize it. Pot Of Riches allows its user to shuffle 3 Pendulum Monsters that are in the Extra Deck Face Up or the Graveyard into the Deck to draw 2 cards. It also restricts the user to only being able to Special Summon via Pendulum Summons. Pendulum Decks can meet these requirements no problem, however most don't run Pot Of Riches. This is because most Pendulum Decks want their Monsters to stay in the Extra Deck, in order to bring them back through a Pendulum Summon.

6. Pot Of Acquisitiveness

Yugioh Pot Of Acquisitiveness

Pot Of Acquisitiveness is the only Quick Play "Pot" Spell, and one of the only ones that doesn't draw 2. Pot Of Acquisitiveness lets its user shuffle 3 Banished Monsters and shuffle them back into the Deck to draw 1 and can only be used once per turn. Being able to recycle Banished cards is rare, and being able to draw a card out of recycling them is a solid effect. The main reason Pot Of Acquisitiveness isn't seen often is that not too many Decks naturally Banish their cards and those that do usually recycle the cards on their own, lacking a need for Pot Of Acquisitiveness.

5. Pot Of Avarice

Pot Of Avarice

Pot Of Avarice was so good that it used to be banned from Official Play. While it has since been released from the list, it still remains a fantastic card. By shuffling 5 cards from your Graveyard back into the deck, you can draw 2 cards. Pot Of Avarice can recycle cards back into your Deck, and that includes Extra Deck Monsters in order to summon those again easily.

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Decks that go through a lot of their Extra Deck quickly, such as Zoodiac and Sky Striker, can make great use of Pot Of Avarice to easily put Extra Deck Monsters back into the Deck while drawing cards to maintain advantage.

4. Pot Of Duality

Yugioh Pot Of Duality

A staple in Control Decks, Pot Of Duality allows its user to reveal the top 3 cards of their Deck and add 1 of them to their hand at the cost of not being able to Special Summon that turn. Pot Of Duality is the only "Pot" card where you have control of what's being added to your hand. Because of this, cards that don't Special Summon on their first turn always contain this card. Without the Special Summon restriction, practically every Deck in the game would run it, so that's why Control Decks get so much mileage out of it.

3. Pot Of Desires

Yugioh Pot Of Desires

Card advantage is so important in Yu-Gi-Oh! which is why so many draw cards see play if they're good. Pot Of Desires is one of these. At the cost of Banishing the top 10 cards of your Deck face down, you can draw 2 cards. Even though you lose so many cards in your Deck, the ability to draw 2 is more than worth it if it means you can get to your power cards. Some cards can even benefit from Pot Of Desires' cost, such as Gren Maju Da Eiza, that gain attack depending on how many cards are Banished.

2. Pot Of Extravagance

Yugioh Pot Of Extravagance

Pot Of Extravagance is the newest "Pot" card that has come out and is one of the best. It allows the user to Banish 3 random cards from their Extra Deck face down to draw 1 card, or 6 cards to draw 2. Pot Of Extravagance also requires it to be used at the start of your Main Phase 1, and you can't draw cards after using it.

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Despite all these restrictions, cards that don't use their Extra Deck always run max copies of this card since they essentially get 2 cards without any downside. It's not the most splashable, but it's powerful in Decks that can run it.

1. Pot Of Greed

Yugioh Pot Of Greed

Of course, the original Pot Of Greed remains the best by a mile. It's still banned and will likely never be unbanned at any point. There's no downsides or restrictions to using it like the other "Pot" cards, and essentially makes any Deck that runs it into a 37 card Deck (even less at more than one copy). Card advantage is incredibly important in Yu-Gi-Oh! and that means draw card without restrictions will be played in every single Deck. Despite its simplicity, Pot Of Greed is one of the most powerful cards Yu-Gi-Oh! has ever seen.


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