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Yu-Gi-Oh: The 10 Best Aromage Cards

Yu-Gi-Oh: The 10 Best Aromage Cards

While there are many powerful cards that a Yu-Gi-Oh player can choose from, these are some of the best choices for Aromage cards.

Yu-Gi-Oh as a whole doesn’t utilize Plants very often. The Aroma deck changes that, introducing an archetype relying on something that nearly no other deck cares about: life point gain. The Aroma monsters all have two different kinds of effects: effects that kick in when the player’s life points are higher than their opponent’s, and ones that activate whenever the player gains life points.

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The deck first appeared back in 2015, but lacked any real stopping power or combos, simply gaining life points with little purpose otherwise. But last year, Konami added multiple cards to the deck in the set Chaos Impact. They’re a more useful deck now, and this digs into their best cards.

Let's check out these top 10 Aromage cards with us!


blessed winds

Blessed Winds is one of three “Winds” continuous traps. Blessed Winds has three effects: send a Plant monster from the hand or the field to the grave to gain 500 life points.

Or they could target a Plant monster in their graveyard and shuffle it into the deck, also gaining life. Lastly, they can choose to pay 1000 life points to special summon an Aroma monster from the deck. It’s a careful balance, but the trap offers a ton of options.


humid winds

Humid Winds offers the player the opportunity to pay 1000 life points to add an Aroma monster to the hand. Not that search power is needed in this deck considering what it can do already, but every bit helps.

Then, if the player’s life points are lower, Humid Winds will gain the player 500 life points. This will trigger many of the deck’s monsters, which often say “whenever the player gains life,” making this a surprising activation during the opponent’s turn.


auromage laurel

Laurel can special summon itself if the player’s got higher life points, providing an additional body to the field.

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Then, if the player can gain life points, one monster on the field can be changed from a tuner to a non-tuner. If that’s not enough, Laurel can give 500 life points when sent from the field to the graveyard.


Aromaseraphy Angelica

A level one tuner monster, Angelica can be discarded to target a monster in the player’s grave and gain life points equal to its attack. This is helpful when the player’s life points are somehow lower than the opponent’s.

Plus, if the player’s life points are higher than the opponent’s and they already have an Aroma monster on field, they can special summon Angelica from the graveyard. The first effect being usable during the opponent’s turn is a good way to allow for the deck to use its chief mechanic during its opponent’s turn.



Jasmine is a monster with a much-needed effect. When the player has higher life points, Jasmine allows the player to gain a second normal summon. This is key in getting additional monsters on the board.

Not only does the monster do that for the player, but whenever the player gains life points while she’s on the field, Jasmine draws a card. This works for each Jasmine on field, so theoretically, Jasmine could normal summon another Jasmine, then draw two cards whenever the player gains life points.



Marjoram helps make this deck unstoppable. As long as the player has higher life points, they take no battle damage from battles with Plant monsters. As far as how the player gets her out, if a Plant monster is destroyed via battle, Marjoram can special summon itself, and then the player gains 500 Life points.

Interestingly enough, Marjoram has an additional effect: if the player gains life points, Marjoram can target and banish cards in the opponent’s grave, up to however many Aroma monsters they have.



Rosemary makes the deck more powerful from an offensive perspective. When the player has higher life points, Rosemary makes all Plant monsters gain 500 ATK and DEF.

Then, if the player gains life points during the turn, Rosemary can negate the effects of any face-up card on the field.


Aromaseraphy Sweet MarjoramSweet Marjoram protects the player from having any Plant monsters targeted by card effects. That’s legitimate enough, as between Jasmine and Marjoram the player is protected from battle and all targeting.

But then, whenever she’s summoned, the player automatically gets one of the deck’s three “AROMA GARDENWinds” trap cards to the hand. And if the player gains life points, they get to target and destroy an opponent’s cards.


aroma garden

All the deck’s special abilities rely on gaining life points, so Aroma Garden can kick it all off. Just by having an Aroma monster on the field, the player gains 500 life points.

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It also makes every monster the player has gain 500 ATK and DEF until the end of the opponent’s turn, basically meaning the player will always be able to activate the effect. Then, if an Aroma monster is destroyed somehow, the player can gain 1000 life points, maintaining the lead.


Aromaseraphy Jasmine

While the player has higher life points, Jasmine protects all Plant monsters on the field from destruction through battle. Then, it also allows the player to tribute a monster Jasmine points to special summon a Plant from the deck.

Lastly, if the player gains life points at all, she can go get another Plant from the deck. She just generates a continuous advantage; it’s incredible.

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