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Yu-Gi-Oh: The 10 Best Rokket Cards

Yu-Gi-Oh: The 10 Best Rokket Cards

The Rokket archetype was a collection of Dark Attribute monsters introduced in Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS. Here are the top 10 cards you can find.

The Rokket archetype was a collection of Dark Attribute monsters introduced in Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS. They’re all mechanical dragons and are meant to resemble types of bullets. Used by Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS antagonist Revolver, Rokkets happen to be an incredible deck that can special summon with ease, has some of the best boss monsters in the game, and access to Xyz, Link, Fusion, and Synchro monsters.

The deck is one of the more impressive, but also one of the cheapest in the game with a few exceptions, as it was printed as the Rokket Revolt Structure Deck last year. We’re looking at ten of the deck’s best monsters, with an exception to keep down the number of “Borrel” boss monsters to avoid ignoring main deck cards.

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Now, let's find out the top 10 Best Rokket Cards on this list with us! Check them out and more Single Cards on Transcendcards! 



A Link 2 made up of two Dark Dragon monsters. During the opponent’s end phase, Dillingerous Dragon can destroy an attack position monster that didn’t attack, then burn the opponent for damage equal to that monster’s attack. This helps get rid of monsters that couldn’t get over some of the player’s monsters with bigger defense and offense.

It can also special summon itself from the graveyard if a Rokket is specialed while this is in the grave, which means Rokket Tracer could destroy it, special summon something from the deck, and still bring back Dillingerous. This is a quick way to any Link-4 the player wants.



A level 7 Dragon with 2800 DEF, Absorouter Dragon can special summon itself just because the player controls another Rokket Dragon. This card automatically makes Rokket Synchron useful, as it can pull Absorouter out of the graveyard to synchro into Borreload Savage Dragon.

The interesting thing here is Absorouter once sent to the graveyard can actually search the deck for a different Rokket monster, so theoretically it could be special summoned from hand, Linked away, searching out Rokket Synchron...which revives Absorouter Dragon for a synchro summon.



A Link monster that can use any level 4 or lower Dragon. Once Striker Dragon is Link Summoned, the player can search their deck for the deck’s field spell, Boot Sector Launch. Striker can also target face up monsters to add Rokket monsters out of the graveyard.

This is pretty much made to use on all the Rokkets which, once destroyed, search the deck out for other monsters to maintain hand advantage. It also allows the player to have other arrows open, but that’s considerably less useful by comparison.



Who made this card like this? It’s a Link-4 that can’t be targeted by monster effects. Then as a quick effect it can target a face up monster on the field and make it lose 500 ATK and DEF, something the opponent can’t actually respond to at all.

Then, if it attacks an opponent’s monster it can instead take an opponent’s monster and place it in a zone Borreload points to, effectively giving it to the opponent. It gets sent to the graveyard during the end phase of the following turn, but that part is considerably less relevant considering it’s likely to be taken to use to make another monster.



Once Borreload Savage is synchro summoned, it can equip a Link monster from the grave to itself. That gives Borreload Savage “Borrel counters” equal to the monster’s Link rating and allows Borreload Savage to gain ATK equal to half of whatever’s equipped to it.

If that’s not enough, once per turn it gains a quick effect to remove a Borrel counter to negate cards or effects. This monster is essentially the best level 8 synchro in the game, and it’s generic so it’s especially amazing.

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Boot Sector Launch is the Rokket field spell, and like most field spells these days it’s absolutely amazing within the deck it’s meant to be used for. The player can either special summon two different Rokkets from their hand, or if their opponent has more monsters than the player does, special summon Rokkets with different names from their graveyard.

Effectively, this means the opponent should never have a large field advantage so long as this is somewhere on the field.



This list could’ve been largely Borrel dragons to be honest. Borrelsword can’t be destroyed in combat, which is already nice. It can also target a monster in attack, switch it to defense to get a second attack.

Even more impressive is that when the player attacks, it can gain attack equal to half the monster it’s attacking, then make that monster lose half that attack. Effectively, if the player can get out the monsters necessary to summon it plus an additional monster, Borrelsword leads them to an automatic victory.



Rokket Tracer contains a quick effect to destroy a face-up card the player controls to special summon another Rokket from the deck. It locks the player into only special summoning DARK monsters for the remainder of the turn, but the entire deck and it’s boss monsters are dark so that’s not a restriction.

Since it’s a quick effect, it can also be activated when it’s being used to pay a cost for a spell or trap. It’s even a tuner? What’s not to like about it?



A quick play spell that special summons a Rokket from the deck. That monster can’t attack, but it’s irrelevant since it’ll be destroyed during the End Phase. What’s interesting to note about this is that it can grab any Rokket regardless of level.

But not only can it do that, there’s no limit to the amount of times this card can be used in a single turn. Quick Launch can easily bring out Rokket Tracer, which then special summons a completely different Rokket out of the deck, which suddenly no longer has any restrictions on it.



A level 4 with 1800 ATK, Magnarokket, when targeted by a Link monster’s effect, gains a quick effect to destroy itself then send a monster to the graveyard. This doesn’t target or destroy, so it easily trounces most forms of protection in the game with ease.

Then, if Magnarokket is destroyed, during the End Phase it can special summon a different Rokket from the deck. This is easily one of the best cards in the deck.

Above are the top 10 best Rokket Cards, you may also want to check out more Singles on our store for your need!


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