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Yu-Gi-Oh!: 10 Huge Mistakes That Mai Made While Dueling

Yu-Gi-Oh!: 10 Huge Mistakes That Mai Made While Dueling

Everybody makes mistakes - it happens to the best of us. Sometimes, it even happens to expert duelists, experts such as Mai Valentine from the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime. While the duelist was incredibly skilled and made it to the finals of all of the tournaments that she participated in, she certainly made some mistakes at times.

Whether it was the cards she used, the moves that she made, or something else entirely, Mai's dueling record wasn't spotless, and she certainly did some things that she shouldn't have.

10. Trusting Rex Raptor

Rex Raptor Yu-Gi-Oh!

Originally, Mai trusted Rex Raptor to take Joey out. Though she obviously switched sides and eventually worked with the rest of the crew, trusting Rex was one of her first mistakes.

While anyone might have trusted Rex over Joey considering Joey was completely inexperienced, it obviously turned out to be the wrong move. However, this wasn't her only mistake while in the Duelist Kingdom. She made a few more.

9. Her Aroma Tricks

Yugioh Mai-Valentine-During-season-four-of-Yu-Gi-Oh

While on Duelist Kingdom, Mai pretended that she was psychic, which she did in order to confuse her opponents. With them focused on her "powers," she would be able to easily win the duel and their star chips.

Joey was able to call her out during their duel, as she was using different scented perfumes in order to tell which of her cards was which. This was a shady tactic that she didn't need to use, so it's a good thing that she dropped the act quickly.

8. Getting Yugi's Head In The Game

Yugioh vs Mai

In all honesty, Mai could have won her duel against Yugi during the Duelist Kingdom finals. He was completely distracted and was full of inner turmoil following his duel with Kaiba, and Mai sensed this. She didn't want to win a duel against Yugi because he wasn't focused.

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So she pulled his head back into the game. She told him to fight, and he did. If she hadn't, it's likely that she could have beaten Joey and taken the win, and all of the prize money with it. She wouldn't have beaten Pegasus, but that is beside the point.

7. Using The Original Harpie Lady

Yugioh Harpie Lady

Everyone knows that Mai's most used card is Harpie Lady. She uses this monster and powers it up before multiplying it into additional Harpies. However, there are other forms of Harpie Ladies that Mai doesn't use.

Whether it's Harpie Lady 1, 2, 3, or even Cyber Harpie (which she did actually use at times), she could have started off with a stronger base Harpie Lady in order to increase her power even further.

6. Not Trusting Her Friends

Yu-Gi-Oh! Mai battles Marik

While this really was Joey's fault, Mai refused to trust and listen to her friends while she was dueling with Marik. Joey made her believe that they weren't friends right before the duel, which was a huge blow to her confidence.

But if she had trusted them before Yugi had to literally enter her mind, maybe things could have been different. Maybe she would have won the duel (which, let's be real, she definitely did). But by then it was too late.

5. Summoning Ra Against Marik

Mai with the Winged Dragon of Ra in Yu-Gi-Oh!

While Mai should have won this duel in the first place, she lost because she summoned Ra and a magical Egyptian Chant appeared on the card that she didn't know how to read.

She completely outdueled Marik from start to finish and was in control up to the point that he was just able to steal the Winged Dragon of Ra for no reason. At the very least, it should have just stayed in sphere form on her side of the field. Of course, this was a mistake though.

4. Giving Into The Orichalcos

After Battle City ended, Mai was still suffering from what happened with Marik. She felt like she had no friends and was trapped. She needed something to help her out of the place she was in. And then, she found the Seal of Orichalcos.

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This, of course, started controlling her mind, making her the villain of an entire season. She even tried to steal Joey's soul multiple times, which she wasn't able to do until they dueled for a second time later on in Waking the Dragons.

3. Not Finishing Off Joey While She Had The Chance

Yugioh Mai vs Joey

During their first duel in season four, Mai wasn't able to defeat Joey. Just like her duel with Marik, however, she was in control of the battle for the entire time.

It wasn't until Joey got Hermos randomly inserted into his deck that he was able to turn the tide of the battle. Mai should have defeated Joey while she had the chance, rather than waiting for a Legendary Dragon to cheat its way into Joey's deck.

2. Going Against Rafael While Angry

Rafael in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Once Mai was freed from the Seal of Orichalcos after taking Joey's soul, she tried to right her wrongs by facing off against Dartz. Rafael stopped her and she lost against him because the show will literally never let her win anything.

Perhaps if she had cleared her head and calmed down before fighting Rafael, she could have won? Unfortunately, there's no way to know what would have happened if she had done so.

1. Dueling With Para & Dox


During the end credits of the Japanese version of the show, Mai is shown dueling on top of the Great Wall of China in a tag duel with Vivian Wong against the Paradox Brothers.

Exactly what you would expect as Mai's next move - it adds up. However, this is not a good position for Mai and Vivian to be in. Hopefully, the two were able to win the duel against the Brothers.


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