One of the most iconic monsters in the original Yu-Gi-Oh! anime is Seto Kaiba, an anti-hero who is nearly as skilled as Yugi when it comes to Duel Monsters. Since the original anime aired, many new cards have been released that would be perfect for Kaiba's deck.

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While fans got a view of what Kaiba's deck would look like in the future with Dark Side of Dimensions, there are plenty more cards that Kaiba would surely add to his deck. Of course, many of these cards would support the Blue-Eyes White Dragon archetype that he loves.

10. Blue-Eyes Abyss Dragon

Yugioh! Blue-Eyes Abyss Dragon

If Blue-Eyes Abyss Dragon is special summoned, it can add a polymerization or ritual summon card to the hand, both of which are useful for the Blue-Eyes White Dragon archetype. Additionally, this card can add a level eight or higher dragon card to the hand during the end phase, which can be comboed with the first effect. Finally, you can banish this card in the graveyard to add 1000 attack points to level eight or higher dragons. The only restriction here is that Blue-Eyes White Dragon must be on the field or in the graveyard.

9. Maiden With Eyes Of Blue

Yugioh! Maiden With Eyes Of Blue

Basically, if any card tries to do anything to Maiden With Eyes Of Blue (attack or target it), the woman just summons a Blue-Eyes White Dragon from anywhere in order to defend her. Kind of a power move? The original dragon is very useful for combos even nowadays, so Kaiba would obviously use this card in his deck. Even a reminder of Kisara for him would likely be a reason to use this card.

8. Blue-Eyes Chaos Dragon

Yugioh! Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon in Dark Side of Dimensions

Blue-Eyes Chaos Dragon is a ritual card, just like its MAX form. This card cannot be destroyed by effects. Additionally, this card gains a second effect if the original Blue-Eyes White Dragon is used in its ritual summon.

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If so, this card can change the battle position of as many of the opponent's monsters as possible and reduce their attack and defense points to zero. Then, it can inflict piercing battle damage.

7. Blue-Eyes Solid Dragon

Yu-Gi-Oh! Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon  Dark Side of Dimensions

Blue-Eyes Solid Dragon can negate the effects of any face-up opposing monster on the field. Additionally, when the opponent activates an effect, this card can be shuffled back into the deck in order to get the original Blue-Eyes White Dragon onto the field, which, as discussed, is still very important to the archetype for a variety of different card effects.

6. ABC-Dragon Buster

Yu-Gi-Oh! XYZ-Dragon Cannon

ABC-Dragon Buster is similar to Kaiba's beloved XYZ-Dragon Canon, though it sports 3000 attack points. After all of the parts needed for this card are banished, it can be fusion summoned. Once per turn, the player can discard a card in order to banish one from the field.

At any time, this card can be discarded in order to bring all of its fusion materials back out onto the field, effectively un-banishing them.

5. Sage With Eyes Of Blue

 Yu-Gi-Oh! Sage With Eyes Of Blue

When Sage With Eyes Of Blue is summoned, it can add a level one light tuner monster into the hand except itself. Once this card is discarded and an effect monster is tributed, any Blue-Eyes monster can be added to the field from the deck.

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Sage With Eyes Of Blue allows the player to summon any Blue-Eyes monster that they want from the deck, which is the best place to summon this one, which makes this an incredibly useful card for any Blue-Eyes deck.

4. Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon

Yugioh!  Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon

Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon is the archetype's synchro support, and it comes with all sorts of effects. Players cannot special summon two monsters at once, and one graveyard effect can be negated a turn. Additionally, this card can be tributed in order to summon a different light synchro monster in defense position that is discarded at the end of the turn. What a weird array of effects for Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon.

3. Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon

Yu-Gi-Oh! Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon

Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon is a fusion monster that requires two Blue-Eyes White Dragons, though polymerization isn't needed to summon it. This card cannot be destroyed by battle, can attack two monsters per battle phase, and can banish monsters it battles if they aren't destroyed, meaning that it can crash into anything that it needs to in order to take it out.

2. Dragon Spirit Of White

Yugioh! Chaos Emperor Dragon and Blue-Eyes White Draon in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime on Kaiba's field

Dragon Spirit Of White is treated as a normal monster in the hand and graveyard, which can help itself be summoned easily under certain conditions. When this card is summoned, it can banish a spell or trap card of the opponent's. Finally, this card can be tributed in order to summon Blue-Eyes White Dragon if the opponent controls a monster.

1. Priestess With Eyes Of Blue

 Yu-Gi-Oh! Priestess With Eyes Of Blue

Priestess With Eyes Of Blue, once targeted, allows the player to send an effect monster to the graveyard to add two different Blue-Eyes monsters from the deck to the hand. If this card is in the graveyard, a Blue-Eyes monster can be shuffled from the field back into the deck to special summon this card. Only one of these effects can be used per turn, and only once per turn.