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Yu-Gi-Oh! 10 Most Used Cards In Kaiba's Deck

Yu-Gi-Oh! 10 Most Used Cards In Kaiba's Deck

Yugi's primary rival in Yu-Gi-Oh! is a force to be reckoned with in battle, and these are the cards that comprise his most common tactical approach.

As the perpetual runner-up as the King of Games, Kaiba's deck goes through several changes throughout the Yu-Gi-Oh! series in an attempt to finally defeat Yugi, though he never succeeds. His main focus is the prize cards of his entire collection, his playset of Blue-Eyes White Dragon, as well as many other powerful cards that serve to both support his dragons and hinder his opponent's strategies.

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Blue-Eyes and Obelisk the Tormentor may be the cards he is most well known for, but Kaiba's deck is much more than a one-trick pony and it is capable of many more plays that are able to keep even Yugi at bay— though not forever, of course.

10. Ring Of Destruction

Yugioh Ring Of Destruction

Kaiba isn't afraid to lose some LP when he needs to and Ring of Destruction is his go-to card for dealing massive effect damage. At the cost of one monster on the field, both players take damage equal to the destroyed monster's ATK, which can be particularly devastating considering Kaiba's deck is full of high ATK monsters.

Later in the series, he would quite often pair this card with Ring of Defense so that he took no damage himself— but in the early days of the series, he was more than happy to take the hit if it meant he would win the duel.

9. Shrink

Yugioh Shrink

Shrink was, and still is, a very powerful card, especially during the early days of Yu-Gi-Oh! Although its ability to half the attack of any monster on the field is great for attacking over strong monsters, this isn't something that Kaiba has to deal with all that often since his monsters are all generally very powerful.

Instead, Kaiba has a slightly different approach and usually uses Shrink in conjunction with Crush Card Virus to ensure his monster has low enough ATK to be able to tribute it.

8. Judge Man

Yugioh Judge Man

One of Kaiba's worst cards, at least by modern Yu-Gi-Oh! standards, is Judge Man, the level six Normal Monster with OK ATK. In Duelist Kingdom, Judge Man was much better as it didn't need a tribute to summon it to the field. In Battle City and beyond, however, the rule changes meant that Kaiba largely abandoned this card with the exception of a few filler episodes.

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Like many other early decks in the series, Kaiba's was a bit of a hodgepodge of random monsters, Spells, and Traps, and Judge Man fit into that randomness rather nicely, even using it against Yugi in their very first duel where he proceeded to lose in the worst way possible.

7. Lord Of D.

Yugioh Lord Of D.

If there was ever a Blue-Eyes support card that Kaiba didn't use nearly enough, it was his Lord of D. Although it is fairly weak, it allows his Blue-Eyes and multiple other Dragon monsters in his deck to attack without fearing whatever Spell or Trap is played by his opponent.

It also allows Kaiba to play his Flute of Summoning Dragon, one of the many Spell cards in his deck that can bring out Blue-Eyes very easily and is also not used nearly enough.

6. Battle Ox

Yugioh Battle Ox

There are a few cards that Kaiba likes to open his plays with, but few are used as much as Battle Ox. Aside from its great ATK stat at the time, it also has a half-decent Fusion monster with Mystic Horseman in Rabid Horseman which, while not really worth the cards it takes to summon it, is usually enough to put some early game pressure on his opponent.

Once Battle City came around, Kaiba largely ignored Battle Ox in favor of more powerful level four monsters like Vorse Raider and X-Head Cannon, though Battle Ox still made an appearance every now and then.

5. Crush Card Virus

Yugioh Crush Card Virus

The Trap card that is the bane of many of his opponent's decks, Crush Card Virus was a card that makes it nearly impossible for anyone to attack over his Blue-Eyes once it's activated.

Forcing your opponent to send all high ATK monsters on the field to the graveyard is one thing, but the secondary effect of also sending any high ATK monster that is drawn from the deck to the graveyard for three turns after is just icing on the cake. This secondary effect alone is what made Crush Card Virus such a strong card not only in the anime but in the real world trading card game as well.

4. Saggi The Dark Clown

Yugioh Saggi The Dark Clown

The most common way Kaiba meets the activation requirements for Crush Card Virus is with one of the few cards in his deck with very low ATK, Saggi the Dark Clown. Even Yugi was confused the first time he saw Kaiba confidently play this card, though it was immediately followed up with Dark Energy Generator to boost its ATK significantly.

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It appears that Saggi holds a special place in Kaiba's heart, even when compared to his Blue-Eyes, since Saggi is one of the only cards in Kaiba's deck that he has been shown using since he was a child.

3. Vorse Raider

Yugioh Vorse Raider

First appearing in his double duel with Yugi, Lumis, and Umbra in Battle City, Vorse Raider was a force to be reckoned with, having the highest ATK of any level four monster at the time. Kaiba would go on to use Vorse Raider many more times in the series as an opening play since it was likely to immediately force his opponent to play defensively against him.

While it has no effect, Vorse Raider was one of Kaiba's best cards at the time, though he wasn't above sacrificing it for Obelisk or Blue-Eyes if he had the chance.

2. Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

Yugioh Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

The culmination of Kaiba's three Blue-Eyes monsters is a terrifying force for any duelist to face down, since the strongest card Yugi had faced before the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon was Gate Guardian used by the Paradox brothers. Compared to Gate Guardian, Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon is on a whole other level with a whopping 4500 ATK, and is, in some ways, better than having three 3000 ATK monsters on the field.

1. Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Yugioh Blue-Eyes White Dragon

It should be no surprise that the card Kaiba uses more than any other is his Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Although the reason for his near-obsession with these cards wasn't explained until the very end of the series, Kaiba would willingly sacrifice any of his other monsters, no matter how many advantages they gave him, if it meant he could bring out a single Blue-Eyes to the field.

After losing Obelisk to Yugi in the Battle City semi-finals, Kaiba would double down on the Blue-Eyes cards and add cards like Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon to his deck, an even better version of the original in many ways.


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