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Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel: The 10 Best Cards For A Branded Despia Deck

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel: The 10 Best Cards For A Branded Despia Deck

If you're planning on using a Branded Despia deck in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel, these are the cards you'll want to use.

In Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel, Branded Despia is a combination of two archetypes bound together by their deep lore and amazing card design. This deck focuses on Fusion Summoning Monsters from the deck, whose effects can set up powerful floodgate effects.

Being a dual-archetype deck gives you the flexibility and card pool to build your deck according to your playstyle. With some of the best Normal Summons in the game with Fallen of Albaz and Aluber The Jester of Despia, and excellent Fusion cards like Branded Fusion, Branded Despia is one of the best decks if you want to relive the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX days and Fusion Summoning.

10. Albion The Branded Dragon

albion the branded dragon full card with gaussian blur yugioh tcg

Fusion Summoning this menacing crimson beast is a great way to start setting up your board. Albion’s ability lets you Summon another Level eight Fusion Monster by banishing its materials from your hand, field, or graveyard.

This means you can cheat out a Mirrorjade The Iceblade Dragon or Masquerade The Blazing Dragon by using the materials you just used for Albion The Branded Dragon, giving you a simple, yet powerful board for a cost of only two cards. Albion can also fetch a Branded Spell or Trap from the deck in case your opponent finds a way to easily remove it.

9. Branded Fusion

branded fusion full card with gaussian blur yugioh tcg

Every strong Fusion Deck usually comes paired with its own in-archetype Fusion Spell card. Branded Despia gets Branded Fusion, and it's by far one of the best Fusion cards in the game. This card lets you Fusion Summon one monster that lists Fallen of Albaz as material by using two monsters from the hand, deck, or field.

This is especially strong when you remember that all of your Branded monsters have effects that can be triggered when they are in the graveyard. You definitely want to see this card in your opening hand.

8. Aluber The Jester Of Despia

aluber the jester of despia full card with gaussian blur yugioh tcg

If Branded Fusion is the best card that you can have in your opening hand, then Aluber The Jester of Despia is the second best. Aluber, when Normal or Special Summoned can search your deck for a Branded Spell or Trap card. Whenever you find yourself in a situation where you don’t draw Branded Fusion, Normal Summoning Aluber is your best bet.

Aluber’s second effect can also negate your opponent’s monster effects when they destroy one of your own. Since you’ll most likely use Aluber as material for a Fusion Summon, he will easily find his way into your Graveyard quickly.

7. Branded Opening

branded opening full card with gaussian blur yugioh tcg

Most of the Branded Despia cards float into each other seamlessly, making almost every opening hand playable. Branded Opening can Summon a Despia monster from your deck by only discarding one card from your hand. This can be used in a combo with Aluber to find Branded Fusion and Fusion Summon your powerful Extra Deck Monsters.

The combo routes that you can take with the Branded Despia deck can be quite creative and one of the main reasons why the OGC, Original Card Game as played in Japan, has limited the card to one copy per deck.

6. Despian Quaeritis

despian quaeritis full card with gaussian blur yugioh tcg

There are quite a bit of Despian Fusion Monsters, but Quaeritis is one of the best ones. This card must be summoned using at least one Despia monster, so unless you’re playing cards like Dramaturge Of Despian or Despian Tragedy, you’ll most likely be using Aluber The Jester of Despia for it.

Quaeritis is a great monster to finish your board with since it can reduce all monsters’ ATK to zero except Level eight monsters, meaning all of your Branded Fusion Monsters will keep their ATK since they all share the Level eight stat line.

5. Fallen Of Albaz

fallen of albaz full card with gaussian blur yugioh tcg

This card is another amazing Normal Summon for the Branded Despia deck. Fallen of Albaz, although a great card, can be a bit situational. On Normal Summon, Albaz can perform a Fusion Summon using itself and a Monster on your opponent’s side of the field.

Most of the Branded Fusions require Fallen of Albaz and, usually, a Light or Dark Monster. While Light and Dark are some of the most represented Types in Yu-Gi-Oh!, you might run into trouble when playing against decks like Earth Machines.

4. Masquerade The Blazing Dragon

masquerade the blazing dragon full card with gaussian blur yugioh tcg

One of the best floodgates in the Branded Despia deck, Masquerade The Blazing Dragon makes your opponent pay six-hundred LP to activate any effects or cards. While it might not seem like a lot, in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel, activated effects are some of the most popular.

Masquerade can also Special Summon itself from the graveyard as long as your opponent has a Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, or Link Monster. Not only does this card force your opponent to pay at least six-hundred LP to get rid of it, but they’ll have to do it twice.

3. Mirrorjade The Iceblade Dragon

mirrorjade the iceblade dragon full card with gaussian blur yugioh tcg

Most of the time, this card will be the boss Monster of your deck. Mirrorjade’s powerful Quick Effect to send a Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck to the Graveyard to banish a monster on the field without targeting it is extremely powerful in a meta with Monsters that cannot be targeted by card effects.

Not only is Mirrorjade an absolute unit of a card, but if your opponent figures out a way to remove it from the field, all of your opponent’s Monsters will be destroyed at the end of the turn. Start saving those gems from Solo Mode for this card.

2. Predaplant Dragostapelia

predaplant dragostapelia full card with gaussian blur yugioh tcg

It may seem like Dragostapelia does not have a place in Branded Despia, but when you remember effects from cards like Fallen of Albaz or Super Polymerization, then this card is a given in any Branded deck.

Not only is this another Fusion to round out your Extra Deck, but it is also a great card to bring out against Xyz, Synchro or any deck that relies on the level of cards since the Predaplant Counter that Dragostapelia applies to Monsters reduces their level to one.

1. Super Polymerization

super polymerization full card with gaussian blur yugioh tcg

What’s a Fusion Deck without a Polymerization card? Super Polymerization can get you that extra Fusion Summon that you need to make your board even more threatening. Not only can this card use Monsters from your opponent’s side of the field as materials, but your opponent cannot respond with any effects to the activation of the card.

This card will ensure that your Mirrorjade or Dragostapelia sticks around for a while as you build your frontline of theatrical blazing dragons.


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