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Yugioh Joey and Pegasus

Pegasus Vs. Joey: Who Has The Better Deck?

Pegasus and Joey take wildly different approaches to duel, but, when it comes down to it, who truly has the better deck in Yu-Gi-Oh!?

One of the most notorious villains in all of the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime is without a doubt Pegasus, who was the original evil that the crew faced off against in the first season. His powerful deck, combined with his Millennium Eye, made him an incredibly tough opponent to overcome.

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One of the greatest heroes is Joey Wheeler, who is the constant underdog of the series. Despite winning most of his duels, he is almost always looked down upon. When putting their decks up against one another, which is stronger?

10. Pegasus: Stronger Archetype Support

Yugioh Toon World in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Pegasus bases his entire deck around the toon Archetype, which gains a ton of bonuses when they're powered up with Toon World. There are almost no cards in Pegasus's deck that don't fit into this group, giving him an incredibly focused deck with cards that all work incredibly well together to systematically tear his opponents down.

9. Joey: More Varied Cards

Yugioh Gilford the Lightning card art

While Joey has a solidly warrior-style deck, that isn't the only type of card in his deck. Monsters like Red-Eyes Black Dragon and Jinzo give him some much-needed variety, and all of his warriors aren't tied together like Pegasus's Toons are. If Joey's warriors are destroyed, it doesn't just ruin his deck like Pegasus, he has additional strategies that he is able to implement if needed.

8. Pegasus: No Luck Cards

Yugioh Pegasus

Joey relies incredibly heavily upon luck cards that can make or break his entire strategy based on the roll of a die or the flip of a coin. While these cards usually work and bail him out of some tough conditions, Joey should know better than to rely so drastically on chance.

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Pegasus doesn't have luck cards in his deck; his cards are either going to work or get thwarted, with nothing in between. While Joey has incredible luck that more often than not comes to his rescue, it can fail, and, when his luck cards fail him, he has nothing to fall back on.

7. Joey: Jinzo

Yugioh Joey: Jinzo

One of Joey's most powerful cards is Jinzo, which nullifies all of his opponent's trap cards when it's on the field. That is an incredibly powerful card that can make 1/3 of a deck useless if played correctly. Joey's deck might not be perfectly built, but Jinzo is one of his standout cards that elevates his deck in huge ways. Pegasus has nothing in his deck like Jinzo that can so effortlessly hamper his opponents.

6. Pegasus: Direct Toon Attacks

Yugioh Toon Dark Magician Girl Yu-Gi-Oh!

One benefit of Toon cards is that they can attack directly if the opponent doesn't have any of their own Toon monsters on the field. This puts any opponent that Pegasus is facing off against at a huge disadvantage. Toons can be summoned easily and attack directly, which can quickly end a battle. There is one aspect of this strategy that is a huge liability, however.

5. Joey: Pegasus's Lack Of Common Magic Cards

Yu-Gi-Oh! Joey Wheeler in the courtroom

Pegasus might have a strong Toon deck, but these Toon cards take up almost all of the space in his deck. That means that he's missing some common cards that most duelists in the anime have at the ready at all times such as Mystical Space Typhoon. Pegasus needs a bit of additional removal and protection to beef up his deck a bit.

4. Pegasus: Joey's Bad Normal Monsters

Yugioh Pegasus: Joey's Bad Normal Monsters

Joey has some good monsters in his deck, but half of them are inexplicably laughable. These include Tiny Guardian, Baby Dragon, and Alligator's Sword. These monsters are just not good no matter how it's sliced.

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If Joey were to use low-attack point monsters that had effects, that would be one thing. Instead, he uses creatures that have low attack points and no effects, which is completely worthless in the end.

3. Joey: Toon World Is Easily Destroyed

Yugioh Joey Wheeler Pointy Chin

Pegasus's deck has one incredibly massive flaw that cannot be overlooked; if Toon World is destroyed, he's done. Toon World is what gives his monsters their power, and the second that it's removed from the battle, he can't use his monsters, and he's going to draw dead card after dead card, except for one final aspect of his deck that might be the strongest card that he uses...

2. Pegasus: Thousand-Eyes Restrict

Yu-Gi-Oh! Pegasus and Cecelia

Thousand-Eyes-Restrict is a straight-up beast that is incredibly difficult to overcome if one doesn't come prepared. In the anime, Thousand-Eyes-Restrict stops the opponent's monsters from doing anything at all, and, once per turn, the creature can absorb one of those monsters and take its attack points.

It cannot be destroyed if it has a monster that it has absorbed, as that monster will be destroyed first. How is anyone supposed to come up with a winning strategy against a card like that?

1. Joey: Has To Work With What He Has

Yugioh Joey: Has To Work With What He Has

One thing that can't be overlooked in this match-up is that Joey has to work with the cards that he is able to obtain. Pegasus created the game, and he has access to literally any card that he wants. With that in mind, it is admirable that Joey has been able to put together the deck that he has. Working with what he has on hand has to count for something when picking the better deck.


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