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Yu-Gi-Oh! 10 Most Used Cards In Joey's Deck

In Joey Wheeler's many duels throughout the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime, he's relied on these 10 cards the most.

Joey Wheeler may have started out as the underdog duelist in Yu-Gi-Oh!, but by the end of the series, he had become one of the top-ranked Duel Monsters players in the series and was right behind Yugi and Kaiba, though never managing to come out on top of either of them. While one of his main issues early on was his lack of confidence in his own abilities, the main reason why Joey lost was definitely his deck.

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Before Yugi intervened, Joey's main deck that he brought to Duelist Kingdom was nothing but Monster Cards, as he falsely believed that raw power was enough to win a duel. After adding the likes of Skull Dice, Roulette Spider, and a handful of other gambling centric cards to his deck, Joey would finally start winning his duels, though he would still favor Monster Cards over everything else.

10. Gearfried The Iron Knight: One Of The Stronger Level Four Monsters

One of Joey's go-to Warrior Monsters, Gearfried was a gateway to one of his boss monsters, Gearfried The Lightning, though it was a card that was rarely seen in the series and only appeared a handful of times. While Gearfried has the unfortunate side effect of destroying any Equip Spell Cards that Joey tries to equip to it, it was one of the stronger level four Monster Cards at the time and was only beaten Kaiba's own Vorse Raider.

9. Graceful Dice: Seen More Often Than Skull Dice

Graceful Dice Yu-Gi-Oh! card art

Although both Graceful Dice and Skull Dice were seen many times in Joey's deck, he actually used Graceful Dice more often than the latter. This may simply be because Graceful Dice is a Spell Card and doesn't require being set for a turn, while Skull Dice is a Trap Card that needs to be on the field for a turn before activating, but Joey always seemed to get the result he needed from his gambling cards, most notably from Time Wizard during Duelist Kingdom.

8. Swordsman Of Landstar: A Weak Yet Favored Card

Yugioh Swordsman of Landstar with Joey in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime

Easily one of Joey's worst cards, Swordsman of Landstar is a terrible Warrior Monster that has no reason to be in Joey's deck. Even though Joey has many Fusion combinations of his other weak cards, such as Alligator's Sword Dragon and Flame Swordsman, this Normal Monster does not and has little use outside of being fodder for his opponent to quickly dispatch.

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Despite its uselessness, Joey seems to be somewhat attached to the card and summoned it on many occasions throughout Duelist Kingdom and Battle City, though in the majority of cases, it would barely last for one turn before being annihilated by a much stronger Monster.

7. Insect Queen: A Prize Card Won From Weevil

One of Joey's many prize cards he won in Battle City, this one in particular he won from Weevil, Insect Queen is a strange card for Joey to use as frequently as he does, as it doesn't really fit into his deck all that well. While it does pair well with one of his other signature cards, Scapegoat, it has the same issue as another of his strong monsters, Panther Warrior, which requires a tribute before attacking. Unlike Panther Warrior, Insect Queen does summon Insect Tokens when it destroys a Monster in battle, meaning it can theoretically sustain its attack cost indefinitely.

6. Rocket Warrior: A Weird But Useful Card

Yugioh Rocket Warrior

First appearing in Joey's Battle City duel with Mako, Rocket Warrior is easily one of Joey's weirder cards, but it is also one of his most useful. During Joey's Battle Phase, it can't be destroyed by battle, but it reduces the ATK of anything it attacks by 500, which means any common 3000 ATK boss Monsters quickly come into range of his more powerful cards like Jinzo and Red-Eyes Black Dragon.

5. Panther Warrior: One Of Joey's Strongest Cards That Doesn't Require A Tribute

Although Joey likes to play his Panther Warrior quite a few times in the series, there are actually very few times where it is useful in a duel despite its high ATK. At a whopping 2000 ATK, it is easily one of the stronger monsters in Joey's deck that doesn't require a tribute, with the only one he owns that is better being Goblin Attack Force, which he only used against Duke Devlin in their duel. Unfortunately, Panther Warrior suffers from the same setbacks as Insect Queen, needing a tribute for it to attack and severely limiting its usefulness in Joey's duels.

4. Alligator's Sword: Useful If Fused With Baby Dragon

By itself, Alligator's Sword is easily one of Joey's worst cards, aside, of course, from Swordsman of Landstar and Baby Dragon. Where this card is actually useful is with its Fusion potential as when it is fused with Baby Dragon, it becomes Alligator's Sword Dragon and has a halfway decent effect for early Yu-Gi-Oh! Fusion Monsters, which are normally without an effect.

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If the only face-up Monsters the opponent controls are Earth, Water, or Fire Attribute, this card can attack directly, an effect that is almost certain to go off considering how many Monster Cards are Earth Attribute in the original Yu-Gi-Oh! series.

3. Jinzo: Negates All Trap Cards While It's Face-Up

Easily the best card in Joey's deck by a wide margin, Jinzo is also one of the few cards in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime that is viable outside of the TV show as well. Aside from needing only one tribute for the same amount of attack points as Joey's signature card, Red-Eyes Black Dragon, it also has the amazing effect of negating all Trap Cards while it is face-up on the field. Considering the only Trap Cards Joey consistently uses are Kunai With Chain and Skull Dice, this is a Monster that Joey can very easily take advantage of.

2. Flame Swordsman: Strengthened With The Salamandra Equip Spell Card

Yugioh Flame Swordsman

One of Joey's best cards in Duelist Kingdom, which speaks to how bad his deck was in that season, Flame Swordsman is one of Joey's most used and abused Fusion Monsters in the series. Aside from just sitting on it and whittling down his opponent with its measly 1800 ATK, he has also combined it with his incredibly powerful Salamandra Equip Spell Card to buff it into a much better ATK range. Of all the cards in Joey's deck, there is only one other card he has used more often than his Flame Swordsman.

1. Red-Eyes Black Dragon: Heavily Relied On After It Was Won From Rex Raptor

Yugioh Red-Eyes Black Dragon

It should be no surprise that Joey's signature Monster is also the most used card in his deck. Although he didn't start the series with Red-Eyes Black Dragon, he would soon win it off of Rex Raptor in Duelist Kingdom to prove that he had just as much a right to be in the competition as anyone else, using a combination of Baby Dragon and Yugi's gifted Time Wizard to win the game. Even though Joey refused to use it during Battle City, even going so far as to give it to Yugi to make sure he didn't rely on it, he would almost always summon it at some point when it was in his deck.


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