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Yu-Gi-Oh!: Ranking Kaiba's Strongest Blue-Eyes Monsters

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Ranking Kaiba's Strongest Blue-Eyes Monsters

The blue-eyes series of cards is a powerful set of monsters on Yu-Gi-Oh!, beloved by no one more than Seto Kaiba. Here are the strongest of them.

If Seto Kaiba is known for anything, it's screwing the rules because he has money and that he loves Blue-Eyes White Dragon. He built a whole Blue-Eyes jet. In fact, he loves the entire Blue-Eyes archetype.

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Kaiba has used plenty of Blue-Eyes throughout his career as the No. 2  duelist, it had to be said, around. While he's always up for using one of the dragons, they all vary in quality, and he's used some okay ones, good ones, and great ones. Unfortunately, the base Blue-Eyes is certainly on the weaker side of the spectrum. As a note, while all of the anime versions of these Yu-Gi-Oh! monsters were a bit different from their real-life counterparts, this list does reflect both versions of the cards in terms of ranking.

7. Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Yugioh Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Blue-Eyes White Dragon is a nice beatstick, but that is all it is. It has no effects or abilities to speak of, making it the weakest of the Blue-Eyes line. Nevertheless, this is far and away Kaiba's most used of the archetype, being his go-to in each arc of the anime, and basically every single duel that he participates in.

It usually gets the trick done, though, as it is rare that Seto Kaiba ever loses. However, he also frequents the fusion variant of this monster, Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

6. Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

Yugioh Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon in the anime

The standard Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon has 4500 attack points, which is great, but that is all that it has going for it. It is a very costly monster to bring out onto the field, and it has no sort of protection to keep itself on the field. While it certainly has some great stats, those said stats make it a huge target.

With no way to keep itself safe from effects, the problems simply write themselves. It costs too much to bring itself out, really.

5. Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon

Yugioh Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon in Dark Side of Dimensions

Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon is one of Blue-Eyes White Dragon's retrained counterparts, and it comes with a few effects that make it better than the original, while still not being a great card. Once per turn, this card can destroy an opponent's monster of the player's choice, but Alternative Dragon cannot attack the turn this effect is used.

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One strange drawback that this card has is that it can only be special summoned from the hand by revealing a Blue-Eyes White Dragon in the hand. This is restrictive in numerous ways and makes this card 100% dead in the hand if it is drawn without a regular Blue-Eyes.

4. Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon

Yugioh Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon Yu-Gi-Oh! card art

Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon can only be special summoned by tributing a Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, which is a massive drawback. Otherwise, though, it gains 300 attack points for each dragon in the graveyard (which, with Ultimate and its materials, will bring Shining Dragon up to 4200 points) and can negate an effect that would target this card as often as it wants.

This card might not be considered all that good by any means, but it sure is better than the card that it is based on.

3. Deep-Eyes White Dragon

Yugioh Deep-Eyes White Dragon

Deep-Eyes White Dragon is where the power of these monsters really starts to grow. When a Blue-Eyes card is destroyed and there is a dragon in the player's graveyard, this card can be summoned. A bit strange, but once it is on the field, it inflicts 600 points of damage to the opponent for every differently named dragon in the graveyard. This card also chooses a dragon monster from the graveyard and copies its attack points. Finally, if this card is destroyed by an effect, every monster on the opponent's side of the field is destroyed along with it. Mutually assured destruction, what more could a player need?

Deep-Eyes can be good situationally, but it has no protection to keep it on the field. While it does take out your opponent's monsters with it, actual protection would likely serve it better. Thankfully, the next monster on the list does have some solid protection.

2. Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon

Yugioh Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon in Dark Side of Dimensions

Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon is another retrained version of the Blue-Eyes card with a whole host of additional effects. With 4000 attack points, this ritual monster deals double piercing damage, which, while a good effect, really isn't all that relevant in the grand scheme of things.

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Its better effect is that it cannot be targeted or destroyed by the opponent's card effects, which gives it some protection to stay in the game. It's a big beatstick that's hard to take down.

1. Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

Yugioh Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon is easily the best Blue-Eyes monster that Kaiba has ever used. Twice per turn, if this is the only card on the player's side of the field, they can send a Blue-Eyes fusion monster from the extra deck to the graveyard to attack one more time.

If an opponent has a small number of monsters on their side of the field, this card can easily win the duel for its controller. In addition, if this card is in the graveyard, and an opponent attacks a Blue-Eyes monster that the player controls, Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon can be banished to negate the activation and destroy the opposing card.


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