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Yu-Gi-Oh! The 10 Best “Bujin” Cards In The Game, Ranked

Yu-Gi-Oh! The 10 Best “Bujin” Cards In The Game, Ranked

Yu-Gi-Oh! features a lot of awesome "Bujin" cards. Here's a look at 10 of the absolute best, ranked.

Based on Japanese lore and Shinto gods, as well as several of the cards sporting artwork clearly inspired by Yu-Gi-Oh! GX characters, the Bujin archetype was both a fan favorite and one of the better decks around during its prime. Its ability to easily keep its main monsters safe, alongside being able to use cards like Fire Formation - Tenki and having a distinct lack of focus on special summoning made Bujin a deck many players gravitated towards.

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Like the majority of Yu-Gi-Oh! archetypes, not all of the Bujin cards were as good as one another, with a great deal of them being watered down versions of others or having effects that were too specific to be realistically usable.

10. Bujin Regalia - The Sword

Yugioh Bujin Regalia - The Sword

Although the Beast-Warrior Bujin monsters are the main focus of the deck, they wouldn't be anywhere near as powerful without the help of the Bujingi support monsters. For the most part, these monsters activate their effects either by discarding them from the hand or banishing them from the graveyard. Bujingi Regalia - The Sword, helps the player reuse these support cards repeatedly by either returning a banished Bujin to the graveyard or adding one from the graveyard to the hand. This is also a good way of getting powerful monsters like Bujin Yamato back into play if it is ever destroyed, which is no easy task.

9. Bujingi Quilin

Yugioh Bujingi Quilin

Of all the Bujingi monsters, Quilin probably has the most simple effect but also one of the better ones. By simply banishing it from the graveyard while the player controls a Beast-Warrior Bujin monster, the player is able to destroy any one face-up card on their opponent's field. While targetted destruction effects aren't anywhere near as good as they used to be, Bujingi Quilin is still a staple addition in any Bujin deck as this effect can help keep Yamato and Susanowo from being sent to the graveyard too soon.

8. Bujingi Hare

Yugioh Bujingi Hare

The first of many ways to protect the Beast-Warrior Bujin monsters, Bujingi Hare is another monster that can banish itself from the graveyard to activate its effect, although this time it prevents a targeted Bujin monster from being destroyed by card effects, such as the various Trap Hole cards or battle one time that turn.

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As Yamato isn't particularly strong, this is a great way to keep it on the field and gaining advantage even after the opponent has summoned something larger to try and attack over it. It also helps in later turns when Susanowo is summoned in keeping it on the field and protected from an opponent's destruction effects.

7. Bujingi Turtle

Yugioh Bujingi Turtle

Bujingi Turtle serves a similar function to Hare as a protective measure for the Beast-Warrior Bujin monsters, but will instead negate any effects that target the monster instead of preventing its destruction outright. As many of the best monster removal effects don't destroy the monster, as there are many boss monsters with innate protection from destruction effects, Turtle is the better between itself and Hare in the modern state of Yu-Gi-Oh!

6. Bujingi Crane

Yugioh Bujingi Crane

Cards like Honest and Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind have been famously great additions to any Light-Attribute or Blackwing deck, and Bujingi Crane is no exception. Doubling a Beast-Warrior Bujin monster's ATK means that you will generally have a Bujin with over 3000 ATK when Crane resolves, with only a few exceptions among cards that are generally not played in Bujin decks anyway. The only real downside to this card is that it doubles the original ATK and won't take into account any other ATK buffs the player may have used, though it can be used in tandem with Honest to fix this if Honest is activated first.

5. Bujintei Kagutsuchi

Yugioh Bujintei Kagutsuchi

Kagutsuchi may not be used as much as Susanowo when it comes to Bujin XYZ monsters, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have its uses. Milling the top 5 cards from your deck when summoned is great, both in terms of thinning the deck as well as potentially sending Bujingis to the graveyard, and is part of what makes Kagutsuchi so good. While it has a built-in protection effect that means it doesn't need the assistance of Hare to keep it on the field, it lacks the anti-targeting protection that Turtle gives that can hold it back in some scenarios.

4. Bujincarnation

Yugioh Bujincarnation

One of the best one-card XYZ cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! at the time, Bujincarnation is a great mid to late game comeback card if things don't quite do your way. Taking one banished Bujin and one from the graveyard to immediately form a Beast, Winged-Beast, or Beast-Warrior XYZ monster sounds limited on paper, but both the Bujintei XYZ monsters, as well as several other generic ones such as Diamond Dire Wolf, fall into this category.

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The only thing holding Bujincarnation back is the setup needed to activate and resolve its effect, though considering how quickly the Bujin archetype is able to set up with just one Yamato on the field, this is a non-issue.

3. Bujin Mikazuchi

Yugioh Bujin Mikazuchi

Yamato may be the face of Bujin decks, but the archetype wouldn't be as consistent without Mikazuchi to back him up. When a Bujin Beast-Warrior monster is destroyed, Mikazuchi can fly onto the field and replace whichever monster has been destroyed at no cost, and has the advantage of also being able to be Normal Summoned, unlike Bujin Hirume. The added bonus of being able to draw additional cards during the End Phase if it is paired with Yamato also elevates Mikazuchi above the other Main Deck Beast-Warrior Bujins and makes it a half-decent Pot alternative.

2. Bujintei Susanowo

Yugioh Bujintei Susanowo

XYZ monsters that add cards from the deck to the hand, such as King of the Feral Imps or Gear Gigant-X, have always been good, but Bujintei Susanowo may be the best of them all. Not only does this very easy to summon XYZ monster allow you to add Bujin cards to your hand, but also send them directly to the graveyard, which allows cards like Quilin, Hare, and Turtle to be activated immediately. The only thing holding Susanowo back from being the number one Bujin card is that it's an XYZ monster

1. Bujin Yamato

Yugioh Bujin Yamato

The main combo piece of the deck and how the majority of Bujin decks get the ball rolling, Yamato is not only the best Beast-Warrior Bujin monster, but the best Bujin card in the entire archetype. Its ease of access through cards like Fire Formation - Tenki and Bujintei Susanowo means that it's very unlikely for players to reach the second turn without getting this card in their hand. The distinct lack of special summoning in Bujin decks also means that players can use cards like Pot of Duality with no drawbacks, as they are most likely to be searching for Yamato with those cards.


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