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Yu-Gi-Oh!: The 10 Most Valuable Cards From Metal Raiders

Yu-Gi-Oh!: The 10 Most Valuable Cards From Metal Raiders

Metal Raiders is a classic Yu-Gi-Oh! set, so which cards are the most valuable?

Yu-Gi-Oh!'s 25th anniversary is an event that was never planned to be celebrated quietly; even the first set to kick off the party was massive. The Legendary Collection: 25th Anniversary Edition Box is chock-full of nostalgia, including six legendary monster cards, a Quarter Century Secret Rare version of one of those cards, and six important packs from the earliest days of the game.

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One of the included packs contains cards from Metal Raiders, the second set to be launched in the trading card game. While Metal Raiders cards aren't quite as expensive as those found in Yu-Gi-Oh!'s very first set, they can still fetch a pretty penny if you're looking for something specific.

These prices use TCGPlayer's market value.

10. Sanga Of The Thunder - $5.87

Sanga Of The Thunder from YuGiOh

Sanga of the Thunder is a card whose value comes from two sources: its superior stats, and its great survivability. Of course, Sanga isn't going to compete with Blue-Eyes White Dragon in terms of raw offensive and defensive power, but it still does well enough in these categories that it can hold its own against most foes.

This card's decent stats allow it to get full use of its one-time effect, which makes the attack of an opponent's card zero during damage calculation. Thanks to this, Sanga becomes a powerhouse that can outright ignore an attack and therefore get more use on the field.

9. Thousand Dragon - $5.87

Thousand Dragon from Yugioh

Thousand Dragon is a Secret Rare Fusion monster that combines the Time Wizard and Baby Dragon cards, increasing the overall combined attack of the two while foregoing the numbers advantage they had when separate.

The Thousand Dragon card isn't necessarily the most powerful by itself, but its place in the Dragon archetype allows it to get a lot of value when put in certain types of decks. This is especially true in the case of Dragon Fusion decks, where the Thousand Dragon is right at home.

8. Barrel Dragon - $6.69

Barrel Dragon from Yugioh

Barrel Dragon boasts incredible offensive power, which makes it a great choice for any deck that seeks to focus on the Dragon archetype. The 2,600 attack it bears is nothing to scoff at, and its 2,200 defense means it's safe to play defensive with against lower value cards.

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Barrel Dragon's effect is what makes it so sought after, offering you a chance to destroy one opponent monster depending on the result of a few coin tosses. Though many monsters are immune to being destroyed by effects, so many strategies use weaker monsters for setting up that this card remains especially threatening on the field.

7. Change Of Heart - $9.50

Change of Heart from YuGiOh

Change of Heart is the sort of card that makes opponent think before using their strongest monster; if they're unlucky enough to activate their Blue Eyes White Dragon while you're holding it, their plans of an OTK suddenly become plans for a funeral.

This card grants the ability to take control of an opponent's monster for one turn, giving you many options for causing significant damage to their strategy. Simply attacking them with their best player can often give you the edge, but you can also use the card in a tribute summon and deprive them of their champion.

6. Gate Guardian - $12.14

Gate Guardian from Yugioh

Gate Guardian is an outrageously powerful card, having an attack just shy of 4,000 and a defense not too far behind. The limiting factor that keeps the card from being all powerful is that it requires Sanga of the Thunder, Suijin, and Kazejin on the field for there to be any hope of it being summoned at all.

All three of its component cards possess a one time effect that lets them negate damage, giving them a slightly longer lifespan to stall while you wait for Gate Guardian to come out. Once everything is in place, Gate Guardian becomes a major threat that will require all of your opponent's attention.

5. Time Wizard - $14.16

Time Wizard from Yugioh

Though Time Wizard has its place in the Thousand Dragon summon, it also works when played by itself. This card is made for the gambler, allowing you to call a coin toss for the chance to destroy every monster on your opponents side of the field. If you call the coin toss wrong, not only are your monsters destroyed, but you lose health equal to half of the total attack lost.

Despite how bad this downside might sound, there's a right way to play the card that minimizes the overall damage you take on a bad call; if Time Wizard is the only card on your field, you only take 250 damage on a failed attempt. If you just got cleared out by an opponent's trump card, Time Wizard might be your best bet for avoiding huge damage.

4. Solemn Judgment - $16.78

Solemn Judgement from YuGiOh

Solemn Judgement is a trap card that offers a big reward in exchange for a monumental risk, allowing you to outright deny a card being summoned or activated at the cost of half your life points.

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There are two scenarios in which Solemn Judgement is smart to use: when you're already at low health, and when an opponent's entire strategy relies on a single card. In both cases, the negatives of the card are greatly outweighed by the ability to rob your opponent of the power needed to finish you off.

3. Mirror Force - $18.82

Mirror Force from YuGiOh

Mirror Force is another card that outright destroys your opponent's monsters, this time being a trap card that activates in response to an attack. Since it only targets attack position monsters, this card isn't great if your opponent plays a good balance of offense and defense.

On the other hand, if an opponent is needlessly aggressive, you can punish their eagerness by wiping out their whole field. What makes this especially nice is that it works even against weaker attacks, ensuring that even the most inoffensive plays snowball in your favor.

2. Summoned Skull - $20.26

Summoned Skull from YuGiOh

Summoned Skull is a famous card that's been around since the start of the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime, being a solid option when you need an offensive player that doesn't take too many resources to summon to the field.

Summoned Skull doesn't have too much going on in the effects department, relying purely on its status as an Archfiend and reliable stats. It can slot into any deck fairly nicely, not requiring very much help do its job well; it can also be used in any Fusion calling for an Archfiend, making it a low-cost option for getting stronger monsters on the field.

1. Black Skull Dragon - $23.21

Black Skull Dragon from YuGiOh

Black Skull Dragon is a Fusion card that uses Summoned Skull and Red-Eyes Black Dragon from The Legend of the Blue Eyes White Dragon set. Combining these two fairly decent cards leads to a monster with high offensive potential, making Black Skull Dragon a great option for buffing a Red-Eyes deck.

What's even better is that the card inherited the Archfiend status of Summoned Skull, making it a low-risk option in Archfiend decks that primarily utilize cards costing life points. Otherwise, Black Skull Dragon functions well enough by itself to be worthwhile in most scenarios.


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