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Yu-Gi-Oh! The 5 Most Underrated Cards (& 5 That Are Overrated)

Yu-Gi-Oh! The 5 Most Underrated Cards (& 5 That Are Overrated)

Yu-Gi-Oh! includes thousands of unique cards, but some of them are quite underrated, while others have received undeserved popularity.

Yu-Gi-Oh! includes thousands of playable cards at the moment, but the meta has shaped up around only a few of those. Within these few, there are some cards that used to be incredibly powerful, but players realized their weaknesses and have since avoided using them.

However, there are other cards that despite falling off, players have kept using, thus making them somewhat overrated. On the other hand, some cards that haven't seen enough play in the meta deserve much more. By offering great effects with minimal drawbacks, these latter cards could be used to shape up the meta effectively.

10. Overrated: Pot Of Extravagance

Yu-Gi-Oh! Card artwork from Pot Of Extravagance in

Since Pot Of Greed was banned, players have been looking for an alternative. Pot of Extravagance seemed like a great choice for drawing one or two cards at the cost of banishing either three or six monsters from the player's extra deck. Many fans even recommend it as a solid option for most decks.

Nevertheless, the cost is simply too much. The player has to manage the rest of the duel without most of their extra deck, which is a substantial loss for most decks. In addition, the player cannot draw any other cards during the same turn.

9. Underrated: And The Band Played On

Yugioh! The art from the card And The Band Played On showcasing three musical instrument monsters

And the band played on is a continuous trap card that doesn't allow any player to special summon monsters whose cost is similar to monsters they control. Although the effect might seem weak, initially, it is a great shutdown for most combo decks.

For instance, White Dragon decks usually revolve around special summoning multiple 8 cost variations of the White Dragon. With this card, they will be able to summon only one, thus severely limiting their deck. This card can be a great counter to many popular decks, especially since most players don't expect it.

8. Overrated: Lair Of Darkness

Yu-Gi-Oh! Card artwork from Lair Of Darkness in

Lair of Darkness features one of the most overpowered aspects of Yu-Gi-Oh! -- sacrificing the opponent's monsters for tribute summons. This effect has made this card seem exceptionally good and players tried to fit it into their decks.

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Nevertheless, it takes way too many extra cards to set up properly and most players don't get the chance to have everything ready. More often than not, this makes Lair Of Darkness a useless extra card in one's deck that cannot be activated, and thus it is considered overrated.

7. Underrated: Final Countdown

Yugioh! Artowork from the Final Countdown Card

One of the most underrated cards in the history of Yu-Gi-Oh! is Final Countdown. At the cost of 2,000LP, a 20-turn countdown begins and the player wins the game at the end. The card has received negative reviews and has little use, as 20 turns feels way too long.

Nevertheless, if added to a deck that is full of stalling cards, it can really shine. Especially since most people won't expect it, cards like Swords of Revealing Light or Gravity Bind can give the player more than enough time to win with Final Countdown.

6. Overrated: Evenly Matched

Yu-Gi-Oh! Artwork from the card Evenly Matched

Although it can be a good card and seems like it deserves its hype, Evenly Matched is very situational. Especially after gaining increased popularity, most people were playing around it by leaving only a few cards on the board.

This made the card fairly useless, as it was only a useless draw that rarely got into effect. Based on that, Evenly Matched ended up as one of the most overrated cards in the history of Yu-Gi-Oh!

5. Underrated: Switcheroroo

Yu-Gi-Oh! Card art from Switcheroroo

One of the most underrated cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! is Switcheroroo. And it's rarely used since its effect can be weak on slower matchups where players only summon a few monsters.

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However, most decks in the current meta f0cus on special summoning multiple strong monsters on the same turn. If the player utilizes a deck that summons multiple weak minions, like most token decks, Switcheroroo can turn the battle around on its own.

4. Overrated: Destiny Board

Yugioh! Letters F, A, and L from the Destiny Board Combo

When it was released, Destiny Board, one of the cards that were censored in America, was thought to be a meta changer since it could win a game within 5 turns, only through spell/trap cards.

However, using it properly requires very specific slow-paced decks. In addition, it is extremely easy to counter since most decks have some kind of spell/trap removal. Also, decks that utilize the Final combo often have no other win conditions, which leads to instant defeat when Destiny Board gets interrupted.

3. Underrated: Drowning Mirror Force

Yu-Gi-Oh! Drowning Mirror Force card art

Even though it is considered the best Mirror Force card, most players still do not include it in their decks, as it doesn't synergize with most of their cards.

However, Drowning Mirror Force doesn't need any synergy to be useful. Not only does it stop an opponent's attack, but it also shuffles all their attack-position monsters back into their deck. This fills up their deck again while forcing them to have to search for all these monsters anew. Drowning Mirror Force offers great utility and can be used in almost every deck, even though it hasn't seen much play.

2. Overrated: Aloof Lupine

Yu-Gi-Oh! Card art from Aloof Lupine in

Aloof Lupine is of the most overhyped cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!. It allows players to find specific monsters from their decks more easily without having to search for them.

Nevertheless, its cost is a bit too much since it requires the player to first banish one monster from their hand in order to find a monster of the same type from their deck. Having one less monster in hand is a notable setback. In addition, it requires the use of specific monster types, which can make it a bit harder to set up efficiently.

1. Underrated: Wiretap

Yugioh! Wiretap

Although spell/trap destruction cards have been fairly popular, Wiretap hasn't seen much play. It hasn't been appreciated since after negating a trap card, it puts it back into the opponent's deck and the opponent can draw it again.

However, this is exactly its strength. Not only does it negate a trap card with no side effects, but it also jams the opponent's deck by adding one extra card. In addition, the player knows what card that is, and can have a work-around by the time the opponent draws it again.


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