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Yu-Gi-Oh! Vs. Marvel - Yugi Vs. Scarlet Witch - Who Would Win?

Yu-Gi-Oh! Vs. Marvel - Yugi Vs. Scarlet Witch - Who Would Win?

If Scarlet Witch from the MCU and Yugi Muto from Yu-Gi-Oh! were to face off, which of them would be the victor? It's a magical face-off!

Yugi Muto is the most powerful duelist in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime. No one can stand against him, he's barely lost any duels in his entire career. However, that's just in his own universe. What if someone from the Marvel universe tried to challenge him?

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If Scarlet Witch and Yugi were to face off against each other, who would be the victor? Would Scarlet Witch's Chaos Magic reign supreme, or would Yugi's deck be able to take her down? One thing to note is that Wanda isn't the only magic user in this face-off.

10. Yugi: Dark Magician

Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Magician

Yugi's ace card, Dark Magician, is an incredibly powerful magician that is inhabited by the spirit of Mahad from ancient Egypt. Dark Magician's power is incredible, and he comes with an array of support cards to power him up even further than he already is.

Scarlet Witch might be a powerful magic user, but Dark Magician is incredibly strong in his own right. However, Dark Magician has to get onto the field first.

9. Scarlet Witch: Her Speed

WandaVision episode 9 scarlet witch mcu costume full shot

Yugi's Dark Magician might be powerful, but in order to be summoned, Dark Magician must be placed on Yugi's Duel Disk.

If Yugi isn't able to do this incredibly quickly, Scarlet Witch will be able to knock the card out of his hand and win the fight before Yugi can even get it out. Maybe he could use a Kuriboh as a sacrifice to defend him while he gets his side of the field ready, but even that is questionable.

8. Yugi: Dark Magician Girl

Yu-Gi-Oh! Toon Dark Magician Girl

If Dark Magician is destroyed by Scarlet Witch, Dark Magician Girl can be summoned in his place, which would present Wanda with a different set of challenges than the original.

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Besides having access to many of the same support cards as Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl will be stronger if Dark Magician is in the graveyard. However, she can also bring Dark Magician back from the graveyard with the right card. Two are going to be harder to face than just one.

7. Scarlet Witch: Her Instability

Wanda answering the door for Mrs. Hart in WandaVision

Wanda, at times, loses control of her power. This was what set off all of the events in WandaVision. While this can be to her disadvantage at times, it also makes her incredibly dangerous.

If Yugi isn't careful about keeping his defenses up against Wanda, then he could have an unbalanced spellcaster on his hands that is full of power ready to be directed at him, which could end things right there.

6. Yugi: His Spell Cards

Yugioh Spell Cards

Whether it is Multiply, Monster Reborn, Dark Magic Curtain, or even Swords of Revealing Light, Yugi has an array of different spell cards in his deck that can help him to deal with Scarlet Witch.

His monsters alone are not going to be able to take her on directly, but when equipped with powerful spell cards, they just might have what it takes. He can also use the cards to fortify his defenses as well.

5. Scarlet Witch: Her Mind Control

Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) hypnotizing Tony Stark at HYDRA research base in Sokovia in Avengers: Age of Ultron

Another weapon that Wanda has at her disposal is the ability to control the minds of her opponents. If she manages to get to Yugi and use this power, there's no real way that he is going to be able to combat it.

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Yugi will need to use any cards that he can in order to ensure that he keeps a safe distance from her at all times so she can't use this power. One way that he can achieve this is through the use of some of his various trap cards that he uses throughout the anime's run.

4. Yugi: His Trap Cards

Yugioh Mirror Force

One of Wanda's biggest hurdles when it comes to defeating Yugi is the array of powerful trap cards that he has in his deck. One of the worst when it comes to her is Mirror Force, which will be able to bounce her attacks right back at her.

Wanda's incredibly powerful attacks damaging herself would be a big problem, one that she'd need to overcome. Perhaps she could use some of the tricks that she learned in WandaVision.

3. Scarlet Witch: Her Newfound Power

Agatha Harkness in WandaVision

Wanda picked up quite a few new tricks in WandaVision, including the power to use runes. Runes will allow only the one who casted them to use magic in the area that they encompass.

She can set these up to block all of Yugi's spellcasters from using their powers. This would greatly weaken some of his most powerful monsters, and he'd need to find some sort of new strategy to take her on.

2. Yugi: His Plot Armor

Yugioh Plot Armor

One problem that Scarlet Witch will have to overcome is the fact that Yugi always has the right card to take on whatever situation that he finds himself in, no matter how specific that it might be.

This is going to be hard for Scarlet Witch to find a way around, as it doesn't have a clear-cut solution. In the end, however, she might just find herself too powerful for it to even matter in the end.

1. Scarlet Witch: She Took On Thanos & An Infinity Stone At The Same Time

Wanda Maximoff Stands Off With Thanos Over Vision In Avengers Infinity War

Wanda managed to do the unthinkable in Infinity War and destroy the Infinity Stone in Vision's head while holding off Thanos, who had all of the other stones at his disposal already.

Wanda managing to do both of these things at the same time, while also considering that she was killing Vision, is absolutely shocking, but speaks to the raw power that she has that will ultimately help her triumph over Yugi.


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